I am a mother of 5, world traveler, who is an analytical debater personality by nature. Being raised as an evangelist’s kid and going to Bible college I have had a deep curiosity as to the origin of some of those beliefs I took for grated as a Christian. So I immersed myself in research to explain what neither evolutionist nor Creationists have been able to explain, and many deep questions relating to race and religion. . .that inevitably tie into our culture and politics. As a long time blogger elsewhere on many topics I have been passionate about, including: midwifery, massage, spirituality/religion, race, politics, crime, survival, green living, etc. . .I have decided to put all my research on the most important topics together.  I decided to write a  summery of this life changing information in a big textbook, basically explaining pretty much EVERYTHING people fight about. This book is literally the “Bible” of the topics of Politics, race and religion, based on sciences like biology, DNA, archeology, etc!

     This blog is a free introduction to the topics I cover in more depth in my book. Read on and feel free to contact me. I love a good debate!


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