The story of creation. . .as seen by an Atheist/evolutionist. Part 2

The origin of life. . .sidestepping the obvious facts of the evolution of the universe, and even the evolution and branching off of animal and plant life from the naturally occurring RNA (the precursor of DNA), let’s discuss the start of man. Who’s version of the story can we believe, mythologies or science? Or maybe both, as some like I believe!

 I believe the Bible (at very least the Old testament) was describing real events more often then not. Myths, like in the Bible, are simply stories about real events that were changed (usually -or likely- out of misinterpretation and ignorance) over time. I believe in taking our worldview of history from all the sources there are available to us, not just one compiled book of oral traditions passed down for many generations, translated numerous times from fragmented partial copies of singular books, and changed at will by numerous powerful people. (The Bible)

Also, as any good historian knows, for history to be as accurate as possible, you must go back to the original sources to find out the truth about something. . .or at least to understand what was perceived as truth at that time. The Hebrews took much of the knowledge of creation from the Babylonians, who had in turn learned their stories from the Sumerians.

Differences in Religion are purely in the details and the facades we place around our core beliefs, in order to appear unique. Not unlike different denominations of Christianity but allowed more separation with time and culture.

Unlike the magical biblical tale of a word from god and *poof* man was made, the original version in the Sumerian text gives many more details. That is because “the Hebrew characters (letters) ARE NOT HEBREW AT ALL! They are merely a phonetic shorthand of an ancient SUMERIAN poem! (Very similar to the Egyptian BOOK OF THE DEAD!)”

“The scholar reveals a simple way to create the full Sumerian text phonetically using 4 Simple Rules. Two of the Rules are the main Hebrew Rules for assumptive “A” vowels and doubling of internal consonants. You IGNORE Israeli vowel points! He explains that modern copies of the Torah (first 5 Books of the Bible) had Israeli vowel points ADDED to the texts only a couple of thousand years ago. They were added to HIDE the Sumerian origin of the words!”

“Ancient Biblical Hebrew HAD NO VOWEL POINTS! A few characters are the ancient vowels, and several letters that appear to be duplicate letters, are actually letters with a vowel attached. (Example : “k” is both kaph and Qoph in Hebrew. The Qoph is really a “ku”.)”

“Using only four simple rules, the Hebrew text of Chapter One literally EXPLODES into a rich Sumerian poetic text. Chapter One in Hebrew has only 31 verses with about 400 Hebrew words. The TRUE TEXT is approximately 2,000 Sumerian words, with over 400 lines of text! Each Hebrew word is a full line of phonetic Sumerian! It’s five times more info in Sumerian!”

“A lot of the stories in the Old Testament are in fact plagiarized material, particularly from the rich mythical heritage of the Sumerians – the inventors of writing. The story of Noah and the flood story, the creation of man out of clay,Cain and Abel, the gardens of Eden, the tree of knowledge, creation of Eve from Adams rib, and numerous other myths, like the throwing of Moses after he was born in the river, are all but stories found recorded on Sumerian clay tablets dating 5000 years back in time”

An excellent comparison of the two side by side is in a new book called The Annunaki Bible, by Donald M. Blackwell.

… Since at least 1963 it has been common knowledge among the scholars of history, archaeology and anthropology about the Sumerian text being the origin of the original stories of the Bible. Which if understood properly changes everything that was written later. . .


Let me set the stage for the creation story as we see it in the Sumerian text:

The cradle of civilization in Sumer is a mysterious place that seemingly came out of no where. It had not only amazing culture and a modern city with high rises, a sewer system and running water, but quite possibly power and technology all over 6,000 years ago! There goes the outdated belief in how stupid the ancient people were. (We have actually LOST some of the ancient technology like green power and most likely the ability to levitate using sound.)

 This land on the Persian Gulf of Mesopotamia is where we find the origin of all the original myths. Thankfully the stories are well preserved and written in stone! In fact, there are so many stone cylinder seals from the cradle of civilization that we haven’t read all of them yet!

Since the discovery and translation of these cylinder seals, educated and open minded people have a new understanding of history and the being(s) who have been mistranslated as god(s) through the ages.

 The “gods” were always described as “Those who from Heaven to Earth Came”, in a word, the Annunaki. They were not just one “God” (as the Christians believe mostly from numerous intentional mistranslations of the Hebrew word Elohim) but many! Actually the better translation of the original word translated as Elohim /gods or God, the word “ilu” , just means “tall men”. . . as I went over in my post: Are you a child of God?)

These “gods”, though depicted as taller, and also being called “tall” , nonetheless looked like many of us today. This is evidenced in the many different cultures depictions of their gods. Like the Nordic gods, the Titans or the Greek gods. . . they were actually the gods of all the cultures of the world, originally! Even the dark people’s creator gods, when described at all, were often originally said to be white!

These people, though normal looking by our westernized standards today, were considered taller than the so called “natives”, and were seen as aliens to the planet when they came.  The native Americans actually described their gods as from the Pleadies.

Being alienated to earth is something the gods both claimed (even in their connection to Jesus, god’s son, who’s kingdom “was not of this world”) and we can now see by those in their own image, or “the children of God” as they were later called.

The children of God had an incompatible blood with the original beings on this planet, and they were a blood found nowhere else on the planet. (This pure blood is O- Showing up as either dominant RH- [A-, B-, AB- or O-] or recessive RH- [O+] in their children. For more on this check out my posts:

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These aliens came to our planet in search of gold, according to the Sumerian text. Gold is a common theme in mythology. It was also mentioned by “God” in Gen. 2:11-12 [in the] land of Hav’ilah. . .there is gold; 12. and the gold of that land is good. . .”

Why does God (presuming he was speaking and wrote the Bible) excitedly single out and care about gold if he had made it a few days before you might wonder? 

Gold seems to have been used by the alien gods as a source of electrical power, because of it’s conducting ability. . . as seen in the ark of the covenant and the top of the pyramids. (Some are theorizing now that many of the ancient pyramids were made to extract gold out of water, a theory I have personally been impressed with.)

Gold fillings are also said to be able to conduct so well that radio frequencies have been picked up with them. . .could voices in people’s heads be explained by this?

Gold was a precious commodity in the far past, as even now sculls have been vandalized to take the gold fillings. This has been happening for a very long time! In fact, there are 4,000 year old mummies with gold wire used in dental bridge work. So gold has been used in dental work since ancient Egypt, at least.

Gold was apparently also used in massive amounts in dust form in the atmosphere of the aliens home planet, to repair the ozone layer, as it is used by astronauts to deflect radiation in space suits and spaceships today. Being one of the rare mineral that can be broken down to molecules, making it stay put in the atmosphere, it seems a logical story of needing it to fix the atmosphere. Keep in mind that fixing the atmosphere was something that they claimed the gods were here anciently digging gold for, mentioned 6,000 years ago in the ancient texts!

I’m not sure if it being in their atmosphere would mean they breathed it, and consequently glowed or what. . .but it seems that maybe they did glow, for whatever reason. Thus the writings and depictions of glowing or halos around the heads of all the gods or demi-gods. Moses after being with  the gods on the mountain top was also said to have glowed, and even the biblical Mary who was impregnated by an “Angel”. . .(which as I stated in my post: An Atheist admits that the Biblical accounts of origins have their base in truth. Part 4 is the same word that is translated elsewhere as God/gods/sons of God.)

“Ingested particles of gold have been used by mankind for over 5,000 years as a medicine in China and by Queen Nefertiti and Cleopatra of ancient Egypt for its amazing health and beauty benefits. Its ability to impart physical and mental health benefits is unparalleled. This precious metal is said to have powerful effects on physical, emotional and spiritual health. It supposedly has the ability to increase happiness, bring about a state of complete relaxation and calm the entire nervous system all while increasing IQ by 35%!!

Gold can also be used to treat painful conditions of muscles and joints such as those experienced with rheumatoid arthritis. It can also help treat Parkinson’s disease, reverse the symptoms of Attention Deficit Disorder and as an overall remedy for other conditions related to brain degradation. Gold also functions as a catalyst for endorphins and antioxidant enzymes.” 


When the Europeans went to America, they were told by the natives that the gold belonged to the gods. . . that had previously been there. (Who taught them to farm, about herbs and said they were Pleadians.)

This belief in the gold (and actually silver too) belonging to the gods makes a statement of Jesus very confusing. . .he said when asked if people should pay taxes, “Render unto Caesar that which is Caesar ‘s, and to God that which is God’s”. As all precious metals were apparently known as God’s, what sense does that make, as Caesar was one of God’s children?

 Anyhow, the rest of the story in the Sumerian text gets better yet! The work of gold digging was a tough job for the small group of the Annunaki, and they were at the point of mutiny against the head of the operations there about 300, 000 years ago.  So a top leader left the gold mines to study the nearby primates. So, when he came back they discussed what they could do to help relieve their men who were about to mutiny.  They disagreed on how they should proceed as some of the aliens said they should make machines, and others spoke of putting the local primates to work. . . as we would today think to burden a pack mule, cattle, a horse, etc.

While their own planet had long ago outlawed any species enslaving another, one of the top guys justified using the earths locals that he had been studying (the primates) and improving them by making a sort of GMO servant by adding some of their own DNA. (The homo erectus, or “upright man”.)

The story claims the monkeys were similar in “essence” or DNA to the gods, as is true to this day.


I imagine that the gods first tried to just train the smartest of the primates, instead of changing any DNA . . .though it is just a guess. If you’ve ever seen even the most intelligent apes try to stick with a task, or even understand all the commands, you can guess just how successful it was to train one to dig. . .

Of course, if they understood their commands any better then dogs understand humans now, you might get at least the well trained ones to obey a few commands. Unfortunately, according to evolutionary scientists who study this stuff, early primitive humans  had to go through an evolutionary “SPECIAL EVENT” for language to develop.

So, from how I understand history, this highly technologically advanced people, the Annunaki, genetically spliced into these apes  the alien’s ability to speak. (Not surprisingly this was recorded in many ancient writings, by many nations all over the world as a “gift from the gods” or a tower of Babel type myth.) This would have been the creation of the homo Erectus, as they were the first to use at least small words they say.

There are numerous myths that spoke of a god (same word as “Angel” or “son of god”) rebelling against the top god/leader’s wishes to deny knowledge to these primitive people and “stealing” the knowledge or showing them things, like fire. (In the myth of Prometheus.)

The being(s)s who shared this knowledge were called “fallen Angels”, but even the “fallen” Angel is the same root as the “ilu”or  tall alien gods, the Annunaki. Which I discuss in my post: Are God and Satan really one and the same?

The Biblical Nubians were gold digging slaves of the gods, when they were settled for a time in Egypt. That area has many ancient gold mines and their name even means “gold” to this day. The “gods” used the homo Eretus to mine their gold in Africa for apparently a very long time before that though. There is solid evidence of this mining even today, as there are many ancient laser cut gold mine shafts all around ancient structures that are believed to be something to do with the processing of gold by using energetic/harmonic/magnetic power that is still coming from these sites.

There are too many of these structures to count, and many can easily be seen from the sky, and in fact, I remember having seen myself! Check this amazing stuff out!


 Evidently this stuff was built by giants, machines or a massive slave force, but though the area suggests like 15,000 minimum slaves could have built a million structures, they have no use as homes.

Furthermore, there is no evidence of any civilization besides these structures that we believe could be for gold processing. So we could ask, “what defines human, if not living in or needing civilization?”  When did the creation of the humans we associate with being from Adam and Eve happen?

Interestingly, the word “human” is from the Latin humanus, the adjectival form of homo. The Latin “homo” derives from the Indo-European root *dhghem, or of “earth”. Could the first man Adam, really have been made from the “dust”, clay or earth, like the Bible claims? Or was it confused with some other mythology in the Sumerian text? Turns out that “clay” was said to have been used in the process of creating Adam(u) and his name means red too. . .leading to speculation that humans (of earth) means those from Adamu. 

In chronological order, here’s how the Sumerian story goes:

As translated from the Sumerian cylinder seals, “In the clay vessel the admixture they made, the ovum of an Earth female . . .with Anunnaki male essence [sperm] they put together. The fertilized egg into the womb of Ninmah [a surrogate alien mother] by Enki was inserted. There was conception.”

“To a male child Ninmah birth was giving. Enki the boy child held in his hands, the image of perfection was he.” The baby they called Adamu.


So the story continues that Adamu grew up with the Annunaki as a hybrid, demigod, part “god”, part primate. Once they had Adamu, the prototype, the goddess who had birthed him, Ninmah, tweeted the med center back home; she needed seven more women who’d volunteer to be surrogate mothers to grow more clones of Adamu. ” Using the blood of Adamu, other hybrids males were made, and born of the goddesses and raised as the slave race of the gods .

 The Annunakki were very interested in their creation having children, but found Adamu unable to impregnate any of the female chimps. (Planet of the apes shows this basic story.) So creating more hybrids they were apparently engineered to reproduce at nearly double the rate of the gods, and being primates, they lived to mate.

Then they were placed in a garden, naked like animals, telling them to “be fruitful and multiply”. Eve soon clothed both of them with fig leaves, as they apparently wanted to be like the gods, or hide that they weren’t quite built the same, being teased as having “genitals like donkeys” even thousands of years later in the Bible. 

There is a site in Africa now believed to be the origin of the creation “myth” called Adam’s calendar, which dated to around 75,000 years old. . .and yet even there we have signs of a large bunch of “people” being around for much longer then that! So what was going on?


Scientists also note that at that same general time frame, early “man” had what was called a “special event” of brain growth. It was rapidly accelerated! Though it is unclear to scientists if that “special event” happened to the homo Erectus at all. . .

So, if we are to say that this “Adam” was the creation of all “man” and was dark red like the clay, as many like Zachariah Stitchin, Michael Tellinger, and others would claim, then why no sign of behavior different then monkeys, other then fire used by the homo Erectus.


If homo erectus had been effected by the “special event” of brain growth at all, it was probably because of interbreeding with the next model of ancient man that definitely was. . .the big brained Neanderthals.


In the next post I will discuss further whether we can fit known science like DNA and much more with the story of creation. 

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