All about the Neanderthal.


So in this post I will attempt to convince you that the Neanderthal is human, and white people, as civilized as you and I.

First I need to dispel the notion that the Neanderthal was this stupid brute. Why do we think of the Neanderthal as brutish, hunchback, hairy caveman who grunted and had an ape-like forehead?

” In 1908, Neanderthal as a primitive, brutish, caveman was literally invented by Marcellin Boule of France. That image of the Neanderthals was to persist for the next 50 years.”

Were they hunched over?

The one Neanderthal that made them believe they were hunched was. .  .simply old and had arthritis. This is now proven. “This misconception came about through poor reconstructions from largely arthritic skeletons.”


Were they more hairy then modern man? “There is absolutely no reason to believe that Neanderthals were any hairier than modern man. Co

mputer models have shown that excess hair on neanderthals would have caused over-production of sweat which would have frozen on the neanderthals, potentially leading to death.”

What did their faces look like?

In 1983, Jay Matternes (a forensic artist who did much work in fleshing out skulls for homicide investigations) performed a reconstruction on a much better specimen than had been seen before. The result is in the photograph to the right.

It clearly shows that one of the Neanderthals looked virtually the same as us.
As we depend on signs of degeneration and radio carbon dating for age, some believe that the supposed old age of the Neanderthals is inaccurate. My book  explains the reason carbon dating is so inaccurate. The Neanderthals may not have lived 50,000 or so years ago, but 5,000-7,000 the scientists say! They may have been old in other ways though. . .

Jack Cuozzo, who was the first to radiograph Neanderthal fossils in modern times, postulated that the unusual skeletal structures may actually be the result of extreme longevity. This conclusion was reached following his comparison between his Neanderthal skull radiographs and human growth patterns. A charge which might be brought to bear against this idea is the existence of Neanderthal children. Such individuals would not have had the time to show the characteristic traits of the adults. Cuozzo has stated that in his firsthand research with the Engis 2 child fossil there are lacking the pronounced brow ridges and elongated skull cited in evolutionist articles. In addition to long life, however, Cuozzo believes that the Neanderthals aged slower than modern humans.”

 Is there evidence of this slower maturity in their kin today? YES! White babies of healthy mothers are slower to gestate in the womb. In my experience assisting and studying midwifery, I have found that whites of pure lines (by their looks or RH-) are by average 2 weeks late (and have large babies with little trouble-as their pelvises are larger-) while healthy black mothers are generally 2 weeks early, with smaller babies with no signs of prematurity.

White kids hit puberty much later too. The earliest puberty being reached by the Sub Saharan Africans. (Source) This is rarely admitted to though, as it speaks loudly of different species. . .that said, boys and girls, men and women also have different maturity rates for growth, and a huge genetic separation. (Source) Perhaps originally men and woman were from different species and planets too!

Image217Did they live in caves like animals? Well they were found mostly in caves. Some had dug holes that were padded with furs and had some supplies  in there too. There were some good reasons for this, and they passed down the tradition to their family line. It seems to me that the Neanderthal didn’t live in caves, they buried their dead there. With the holes and caves, they would have had food and favorite objects buried there with them for the after life.

The Egyptians, as well as the Hebrews in the Bible, show the elite all did this form of a burial . Evidenced in the story of Jesus.

So while they may look (to the presumptuous evolutionist) like they were living crude lives in caves, they would likely not have built lasting structures of rock as they were apparently traveling a lot. According to the Bible they may have been “looking for a city who’s builder and maker was God.” (Hebrews 11:10)

While they may not have been primitive, they did have some issues:

A mutation in a gene called MYH16, from the Neanderthal, led to shorter jaws. Those from the Neanderthal have  issues with wisdom teeth fitting in. Source

Homo erectus has large jaws. To this day a big jaw is thought to be associated with high testosterone and dark coloring. In other words, those with color have higher testosterone, and if they are pure African, they have no issues with wisdom teeth fitting in. Source

“Wisdom teeth problems are more common among European whites compared to Orientals and blacks. This conclusion is supported by research on dental problems and race that concluded that racial differences exist ‘ … in the contemporary human races with regard to occlusion, tooth size, and tooth shape … It is tempting to suppose that interbreeding would exacerbate malocclusion and increase the number of impactions.”

Darwin said:

” … the posterior molar or wisdom-teeth were tending to become rudimentary in the more civilized races of man. … They do not cut through the gums till about the seventeenth year, and I have been assured that they are much more liable to decay, and are earlier lost than the other teeth; but this is denied by some eminent dentists. They are also much more liable to vary, both in structure and in the period of their development, than the other teeth. In the Melanin races, on the other hand, the wisdom-teeth are usually furnished with three separate fangs, and are generally sound; they also differ from the other molars in size, less than in the Caucasian races.”


“The molar roots of Homo sapiens and Homo erectus broadened at about the same time. The difference is that, in our ancient relatives Homo erectus, molars then erupted almost immediately into their powerful jaws, much like in Pan troglodytes.” [Chimpanzee]


Good things the Neanderthals  gave us:

  • A big brain. (And high IQ)

Neanderthals had a 1500cc brain volume, while modern humans have 1400cc.  This means a difference of 7-8% percent!! Source

  •  Neanderthals enjoyed and played music, and probably not just for calling the animals. You can listen to a clip of a Neanderthal tuba here and a Neanderthal flute here [SourceMore Info] but there was also likely a xylophone and bagpipe. Source
  • Neanderthals are also believed to have sang.

     “In 1983, scientists found a Neanderthal hyoid bone at a cave in Israel (the hyoid bone is part of the vocal mechanism) which was identical to that of modern humans.” In fact, they could sing!


  • Creativity and art originated with cave drawings from the Neanderthals. Source
  • In fact they were good parents too. (Something many misguided whites today can’t even claim!)
  • Obviously red and blond hair (red being dominant) white skin and blue/green eyes. (Like my family.)
  • Immunity to many diseases.

“Even though Neanderthals and Denisovans are both extinct, modern humanity may owe them a debt of gratitude. A 2011 study by Stanford University researchers concluded that many of us carry ancient variants of immune system genes involved in destroying pathogens that arose after we left Africa.”

“The immune system’s HLA alleles of modern Eurasians derive half of the HLA alleles haplotypes to be of Denisovan or Neanderthal origin. The apparent over-representation of these alleles suggests a positive selective pressure for their retention in the human population. In other words, we can literally thank God for our good health if we are European!”



“Globally, an estimated 12 million people ages 15 to 24 were living with HIV/AIDS in 2002. Three-quarters of these live in sub-Saharan Africa.”Which means that the people with even a little Neanderthal blood have protection.”


“The HLA-B27 Genetic Marker is said to have protective properties that guard against the progression of HIV. It is said, that people with this gene do not have the right proteins for the HIV virus to bind with. The HLA-B27 Marker is most often found in people with O- Blood. Note: HLA-B27 is also sometimes found in those who are Rh negative recessive.” [meaning RH+, but with European in them.]

“Neanderthals carried HLA-B27 which offers protection from certain diseases, however it also causes autoimmune diseases. CCR5-Δ32 deletion is also linked in with O negative blood. They originate in Neanderthals and are not often found in Africa.”



What are those auto immune diseases or issues with the Neanderthal bloodline? One is supposedly Autism/Aspergers. (Though many of the negative aspects seems connected to diet, and heavy metals in the environment, there are some interesting connections. . .)

At the University of Cambridge, Scientists have discovered 27 Genes associated with Asperger Syndrome, ‘New Genetic Study Of Asperger Syndrome, Autistic Traits And Empathy’, which tie to the Ashkenzi Jew  as it’s origin they say. Palistine’s “Jews” are not Israelites . The Israelites , or “the children of God”, are as they have always been, even according to their own Biblical history: white and fair with ruddy hair. (With the highest IQ.)

The historical Jews has no genetic tie to the Khazars (who are black in their roots, and assimilated into the Jewish faith). Please read this (christian biased, even if historical) guest article for more information that provides evidence of this and much more about the difference of the Jewish groups. The Ashkenzi Jew is related to  the Europeans, and look like them too. Whether we like it or not, the Zionists are right.

Back to the study on Aspergers though:

“Many of the greatest people in the world have been Asperger-Jewish. Example of those speculated include Sigmund Freud and Albert Einstein. All had very logical minds and high IQ’s. They appeared to have problems in socialization and were lone-thinkers and writers. [it] “may have helped them to have a wider perception of the world, without the concerns associated with ‘socially unacceptable views’ .”

How they describe the Aspergers  white Jew:

1. An archetypal nerd. Immensely deep interest on a specific subject. Knows everything on it, and can monologue about it constantly. Extremely high ability of functioning on his or her special sector. Good patternization skills. Good logical skills. Likes intellectual games. . .

2. Meticulous concept of details. Strict rituals, regulations, routines and habits. Dislike any changes in routines. (Even if the routine is chaos or change.)

3. Disdain of physical activity, sports and outdoors life in general. In extreme cases, delayed motor development. (May have an awkward walk. Handwriting is often poor.)

4. Frugal with monetary issues  that border cheapness.

5. Preoccupies himself for distresses not likely to happen; a worrier.

6. Awkward in social context. Reputation of being rude, pushy, bossy, ill-mannered or intolerant. Uncanny ability to irritate everyone around. Appears to lack any empathy.

7. Mediocre communication abilities. Inability to understand non-verbal communication. Inability to understand insults. A formal style of speaking.

8. Strange or odd kind of humor. Inability to understand others’ jokes, and usually get the jokes last.

9. Preoccupation with health to the point of hypochondria. Extremely sensitive touch sensors. Can smell odors others often do not notice.

10. Awkward on social relations with other gender. Strict preoccupation with family and relatives. Very monogamous and obsessive with the family.

11. Uneasy relation to stimulants such as tobacco, coffee or alcohol. Often abstains completely.

12. Many people with AS are face blind. This is likely because the specialized circuit for analyzing faces is adapted to recognizing Neanderthal/european faces rather than other human faces. Aspie-quiz have found that autistics rate Neanderthal faces as more attractive than neurotypicals do. Face blind people often use hair to recognize people.

“Once we understand that these are psychophysiological traits. . . we can also relate to them with rational touch. It also explains why Jews often make excellent managers but poor leaders  and why Albert Einstein refused the post of the president of Israel.”

“Asperger’s is like a freak wave: it concentrates all the energy on one single crest of wave, which can be much taller than waves of the same cluster. Could it be that Asperger syndrome compresses all the intellectual potential to one single grand wave enabling a person, who would otherwise be a very mediocre – to become a genius on his or her own branch?”

“If so, then Asperger’s would be the best disorder to ever have. While it has its price, it has its benefits too.” “I think there are very close to as many women as men who have AS, but the female brain is wired very differently than male for communication, what a man can’t disguise, a woman can, because her brain can compensate in the language skills department.” [ I have been diagnosed by many to have Aspergers. . . ?]


Aspie Quiz have found higher prevalence of red-hair color in people with Aspergers. Red/auburn hair and fair skin are related to 3 mutations in MC1R (R151C, R160W and D294H) and the origin of those mutations are 50,000-100,000 years, they were introduced by . . . Neanderthals.”


Whether a quirk, advantage or defect, we got Aspergers from the Neanderthals and can trace it through to the purest of their blood: Jews/whites. In a resent study by the Researchers at the MIND Institute in San Francisco, it was discovered that there are nearly no black people with Aspergers. “Their hope was to find an environmental factor that might warrant special study. What they found, instead, was that wealthy, white, college educated parents seem to have more children diagnosed with autism.”

Yes there are more defects, like hemophilia (said to come from the copper based blue blood), infertility (likely partly because of the RH- incompatibility), celiac disease, IBS, allergies and anemia, which is most common again because of a diet low in meats. And speaking of meats, what about the diet of the original human? 

Could following a less traditional Neanderthal diet have brought about what we find common in our bloodline now?

How did the Neanderthals and the Sumerians and the Egyptians eat? Was it a hunter gatherer diet of the homo erectus? No. it was high protein from domesticated animals!

According to micro-wear studies, the predominant use of stone tools was not as weapons, rather wood-working for shelters and fences. “There is compelling evidence that Neanderthals “prey” were in their best age, something that is definitely not normal in a carnevorious species. The mammals they “hunted” were frequently now domestic or domesticable animals (horse, bison (bovine), goat and sheep). . . Small animals are infrequent.”


Killing and eating meat was actually probably as hard for them, as it is for me, as they were likely very compassionate people. . .which tends to lead to the desire to be vegan. To this day, not surprisingly, “Autistics show a preference for animals over people (source) and they claim to be able to sense the feelings of animals. (source)

Neanderthals likely had not just domesticated animals (primate slaves of other species would have been in this category) but they also likely kept dogs as pets!


“Cooperation with wolves were most likely a key to the ability for Neanderthals to survive in the cold Europe. Genetic research shows that dog and wolf parted 135,000 years ago.  They also reveal that the dogs ancestor is the European gray wolf. There are wolf remains close to Neanderthals, but not with the pray. This probably means the wolf had a special relation with humans.”

As the Egyptians had domesticated the dog for hunting -at least- it would not surprise me if the wolf was domesticated into dogs by the Neanderthal, as it was always found near them, but with no signs of being a prey of them.

In fact, all the ingredients of modern pastoral practices are found at Neanderthal sites:

  1. Wood-working for shelters and fences

  2.  Rodeo-type injuries from wrestling large animals

  3. Flutes and whistles for calling upon animals

  4. Animals killed & eaten at the top of their usability

  5. Many of the bones are of currently domestic species, and several of these “speciated” during the Neanderthal era

  6. High-protein diet of Neanderthals


Elsewhere is shows evidence that Neanderthals ate grains and veggies (as well as meat), and had quite a varied diet, as did most of their later kin like the Sumerians.


The Sumerian diet: “From their records we know much about their diet. Onions, lentils, beans, cucumbers, cabbage, and lettuce were common ingredients of the Sumerian diet. They made a variety of leavened and un-leavened breads, porridges, pastries, cakes, and biscuits. Barley was fermented to produce beer; wine was obtained from grapes and date palms. They also made yogurt, butter, cream, and cheeses. Fish and mutton was readily available, and the meat of pigs was considered a true delicacy. One text prescribed the offering to the gods of ‘loaves of barley bread and emmer bread; a paste of honey and cream; dates, pastry, beer, wine, milk… cedar sap, cream’.”


Supplements of L-carnosine, carnitine and taurine (naturally occurring in a high-meat diet), is said to have a positive effects on autistic children. . .so to this day, they show the need for meat like their ancestors. Sorry to say, Neanderthals were always the top of the food chain, and we Europeans still need meat to be healthy. So at least allow a healthy and humane life for your meat, and your body, as well as theirs should thank you.

Many changes accompanied civilization, many of which can be seen here. The change to agriculture and husbandry was not because of need, with a dry land, as it was then a lush paradise. In fact, the affluence not destitution of the first farmers has won acceptance with the scientific community according to this site.

Grains were said to have been started by the gods of Sumer, being brought from heaven. They were also said to have been brought from Heaven to China by the Yellow emperor. . .


In fact, a diet without grains and bread was considered to be an insult to the gods, and uncultured. Wine played a similar role, which is why communion was a celebration of your cultured ancestry. Bread was considered so healthy in it’s naturally fermented (using sourdough starter) form, that in Deuteronomy 8:3 some believe it meant not that you can’t live physically on bread alone (You may be able to) but that you need to feed the soul on wisdom from the gods as well.

Bread, oil, and wine was often a big part of what separated the commoners from the elite, especially finely ground and sifted white flour (which is missing the bran that has all the phytic acid in it).

So clearly our ancestors drank milk, ate grains and meat.

So, the Neanderthals were unlikely to be lactose intolerant. The primary breed of domesticated cow, traced by mtDNA is found in european/Neanderthal lands.The lactose enzymes to digest milk evolved in parallel with cattle domestication. The most adapted people are of European descent. (Source)

The only reason Europeans have trouble with it now is cooking the enzymes out in pasteurization. There is a similar reason those with autism actually seem to act unhealthy with grains, which their bloodline always had. . .because we process them differently now. Soaking, sprouting or souring is traditionally what all European bloodlines did to eradicate the phytic acid and/or gluten. . . and mostly still do I’ve heard.

So if it hasn’t already been obvious to you, Neanderthals are us, and they are not brutish or uncivilized but kings and gods with a great culture, most of the time. . .

To sum up, as I have gone on a path of discovery to find this stuff out, but I will share how I found the info, so you can do the same.

  1. Follow the looks: red and blond hair, big blue or green eyes, regal noses, high foreheads, attractive, tall and large boned. . .those who have any sign of these have Neanderthal/European in them. . .which is most of the world now, to some degree or another.

  2. Follow royal bloodlines of any race, they always seem to lead to “white” (skinned), “yellow” or “red”(haired) titles, advanced “gods” or Europeans.

  3. Follow the red headed mummies all over the world. (links below) The red hair color was important because ancient Egyptians believed redheads were associated with their “god” Seth. . .Adam’s son? (Having dyed hair, as some old Egyptians apparently did, doesn’t mean they were not also originally red. . .DNA and hair analysis shows that they were red headed.)

  4. Follow the most ancient gods and mythology

  • Norse mythology.
  • Ahuro mazda (Alien who may have directed the building of the underground city of derinkuyu)
  • God/ Angels, Demons/Satan and “sons of God” in the Bible.

5. Follow the ancient cave paintings and hieroglyphs, as well as even much later art all depicting their Gods as tall, white, red and blond haired with blue or green eyes and in ships or chariots in the sky.

6. Follow how skilled and advanced the gods and that original bloodline from them were:

  • advanced engineering skills of their buildings

  • sailors, (In ships in the sky)

  • expert in the cunning arts of mathematics,
  • experts in science,
  • experts in art and music. . .

7. Follow the many names associated with the gods or their children:

A. Taklamakans,

B.The Aryan race,

C.The Muvians,  

D. Atlanteans,

E. Phoenicians,

F. Egyptians

G. Berbers

H. The Israelite tribe of Dan, or Judah. . .they come up a lot.

I.  Trojans

J. Neanderthal/Denisovan 

K. Ancient aliens 

L. Ancient astronauts

8. Follow the blood.

  • RH- factor (which is kind of rare) originating in the O- blood, and said to be alien to the planet. (look at RH negative-the holy grail bloodline.)-Could most miscarriages of mixed people be because of this? Everyone with Neanderthal in them has this recessively in their genes though, so it is not as special as some would make it out to be. Source

  • The also rare Blood type O-, which is said to be the origin or all human blood, which started civilization is considered pure, and is a universal donor. . .yet monkeys don’t have it. Check out the origin of all the bloodtypes here: Source Source

9. Follow the bloodline’s defects like hemophilia, anemia, bad eyes, illogical white skin, Aspergers/autism and wisdom teeth problems.

10.  Look for Eve as the first blue eyed woman, and Noah’s wife and 3 daughter in laws as those who founded the Ashkenzi Jewish woman. They will be the true Jews, and the first Neanderthals after the disaster called the flood. Noah is Eurasian Adam his sons (yes all Eurasian) came out of him, but were unnamed.

While yes, many of our ancestors were considered kings and gods, and so we could call ourselves sons and daughters of kings, or sons and daughters of gods, the truth is also that we could say we are part alien to the planet. It’s all in your perspective.

For those who are now burning to do more research on your own (If it’s to prove me wrong, good luck with that!) here are some additional links on the subject of the gods and their white heritage from another site that put a lot of it together, even if I don’t agree with what they make of the info all the time.

Actually you will find all sorts of pieces to the puzzle from people who are Christians, Atheists, anarchists and wackos. If it scares you, or makes you hate certain groups of people most likely related to you, then please ignore those parts. Here are some good sources I’ve found for history of the red headed part of the white race:

Red Haired Race

Red Haired Race of Giants

Red Haired Race/Alien Hybrids


The Patriarch/Pharoahs and Moses

Red haired mummies of the United states/Kentucky

Red haired mummies of Mexico

Red Haired Mummies of Canary Island

Red Haired Mummies of China

Red Haired Mummis of Egypt

Red Haired Mummies/Amun Re

Red Haired Mummies of Mammoth Cave

Red Haired Mummies of Peru

Red Haired Mummies of New Zealand

Red Haired Mummies/Ramses

Red Haired Mummies/Odin

Red Haired Mummies/Hatshepsut

Red Haired Mummies of United States

Red Haired Mummies of Russia

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