God’s chosen people a race or religion?

If you feel that the “chosen people” was simply a made up, xenophobic claim of the Jews in the Bible, and you feel disconnected by time, religion or culture now, you may have little interest in this topic of the chosen people. (Though if you read on, you will see that you should be very interested!)

Whereas, if you believe  as a typical Jew or even christian, or perhaps only that the Bible holds the key to at least some history, and you may be interested in knowing  who these people are and what the Bible says about these chosen ones . For instance: “I [God] will bless those who bless you, and I will curse those who curses you; and in you all the families of the earth shall be blessed” (Genesis 12:3). If they are a people group, instead of a religion, you might want to clarify who they are and what they really look like, so as not to offend the God you serve, right?!!

Plus, the answer to this question explains  pretty much all history.

Let’s just cut to the case: based on science, skin color alone shows how the Biblical creation story is an evolved myth.

“Creation scientists”, trying to make sense of the Bible, first claimed Adam and Eve were both brown. . .knowing that from a brown couple you can get any color children. . .for one generation anyways.

They then shifted to Adam being “red like the clay, and Eve white like the rib”. Both suggestions are downright laughable! There has been much confusion on this subject, and much discussion. Leaving smart and honest religious folks of all colors with one of two options:

  1.  Adam and Ever were both pure white. Blacks will even admit to this, stating: “There had to been other Edenite people before [white] Adam and Eve.”  “They [the blacks] were possibly. . . Edenites before Adam and Eve who were not recorded in the Bible. . . After all Qayin (Cain) found a woman who became his wife and wasn’t part of Adam’s family.”
  2.  Some blacks will take the evidence and translate it to say that the different color creations  of the gods were seeded here at different times  . .the black ones being the older and thus better, master race in their tales of course though. So different creation episodes, with different players. . .the Bible only documenting one.  (None of these use the Bible as truth, or to say their race was mentioned in it as from Adam and Eve. In fact there is a big move to call the Bible racist, in order to turn blacks to Islam. Which they are doing at a fast rate.)
  3. Adam and Eve were both pure black. Thus:

A. the Bible is mistranslated, wrong and evolved in many places. . .

B. the white skin came as a later mutation. . .this would be what evolution teaches. It is macro not the common micro evolution though, and it has never been seen before in nature. Magic in other words. People who believe this, claim also that “Almost all the differences used to differentiate populations from around the world really are skin deep.” Something that is far from the truth, as seen in posts here and here. It is liberal propaganda only.

 These folks say that if Miriam was white (as seems apparent with her and the nation’s reaction to the Ethiopian/Cushite wife of Moses. . .) you couldn’t even tell the difference if she had leprosy. While the Bible does describe the disease simply as being “white as snow” in some places, in other places it is showing what we know of leprosy today. It is scaly and rots away the flesh, ending in missing limbs and death. Not something that you live with, and pass on to your kids. While there is no doubt that some people who were white did get leprosy, they didn’t look the same, and they likely over-diagnosed every scaly condition to be leprosy at first. Even a full blown case of it did not guarantee rejection in a person of high social standing, like the biblical Naaman.

Even today sites like this say that Leprosy is proof of systematic racism of whites, as only the poorest in Africa and Asia get it, which correlates strongly with the darkest people in the world. Of course, it is the white man’s fault that the poor are where they are and have no sanitation and the weakest immunity, due to their poverty they say. . .if you read my last post though you will see that is a lie.  Neanderthal genetics impart on the person a good immunity. Dark people just don’t have much if any Neanderthal in them. (So the Afrocentric position of Blacks being created by the gods first as his chosen people, then white skin being a curse, because of the story of Miriam supposedly getting leprosy is apparently wrong, on all counts, and she likely didn’t even have it.)

D. The only other possibility for a chosen people from a black Adam and Eve is that DNA is wrong. . .


So what does the actual science say?

While you can get all colors from mixed dark people, and also albinos, you will never get a black baby from two fully white parents. . .although apparently some weren’t sure they were pure, as a tv show had to DNA test to see if the white woman cheated on her white husband after giving birth to a black baby. (She did.)

Do you see a Mexican having a black or white kid? Yes. This is highly publicized too! Because they are mixed, the possibility may be there to have a slightly lighter, or slightly darker kid, but pure white or black is highly unlikely, if not impossible. You may see a white looking child come from two dark parents, but it is recessive, from both parents having ancient white genetics in them scientists admit.

Furthermore, the “white” child will likely have a dark child, even if they marry a white person! You can’t get pure white babies from pure Black parents. Even when they are both mixed, it is very rare to see a white baby! (like this Nigerian baby.) Some will say albinism counts, but that is a defect and is problematic. Even when two albinos have kids only one in 4 will be an albino.

To have different shades when dark or

brown is common, due to admixture with whites, but to have one white, black and brown child from two brown parents is statistically unfathomable!

(Take the supposed case of Noah’s kids for instance, and add to that the odds of all 3 having a mate of their same skin tone, and refusing to intermarry at all with cousins, in order to carry on those shades. . . it is so ridiculous, I don’t know where to start! There is simply no evidence that all three of these ancient Egyptian people above came directly from Noah and his wife.)

As dark skin is dominant, even one black in the mix almost always produces a dark colored kid, with rare exception like this. (Said to be 1,000,000-1 odds of happening.)

As the article in the link above states though, “The baby’s father Richard is white, but mum Catherine has dark skin from her [again] Nigerian heritage. Genes from one of her ancestors may have lain dormant for generations – until randomly thrown together in the new baby, they brought out traits that had been latent for so long. This is what’s known as a genetic/evolutionary throwback, or atavism.”  In other words, his mother had a white in the closet. . .as did both the blacks above, as also seen in the different shades of their 3 kids. The fact is, color doesn’t tell anyone if they have a white man in them. . .but as a white man, you will almost always know when you have a black man in you. (According to genetics, 5% of whites are passing, but are mixed.)

Blacks are proud that they can make all shades of kids, but the truth is, when you look in parts of Africa, where the more pure ones are, they are identical. Only with mixing with whites does their dark color get diluted or have variety in many other ways that they highly select for! Genetics proves it!

 Light skin or blue eyes or light hair may come up as often as once in every 6 generations or so in mixed tribes, but it is still recessive, as dark hair, eyes and skin is dominant. So as a black person, don’t let skin color fool you into thinking you are a pure black person…there are many other tell tale signs!Discover why some black Africans have blue eyes - Afrinik

So let’s clarify,  for those like this blogger who says all people came from a black couple (being the chosen people who should be worshiped apparently), Adam and Eve could not logically both be pure black and produce all the other whitened shades. (Similarly, chocolate milk and white milk are a good illustration as they mix.)

The problem with trying to mesh science with religion, is being politically correct . We have issues saying that the first and oldest people were human, and tend to start humanity with civilization. We can trace the oldest on earth to the homo erectus, not Neanderthal, whom the rest of the world apparently come from. If you look at my last post about the Neanderthal, you will see they were just as civilized as us today in many ways, and looked like a white person. Accordingly, we see that most of the world ties to white people, and only white people could be the origin of the civilized races.

Unfortunately for Afrocentrics, not only is the timeline of the black race messed up with the dates in the ancient texts creation myths, the “out of Africa theory”, and modern man having come from Africans is now debunked, as science shows that “as much as 80% of nuclear [modern human] DNA is from non-African archaic humans.” (Neanderthals.) In other words, unless you believe in a magical evolution AND magical creation, you will have to admit that African people only became “homo sapiens” or modern man by mixing with the white Neanderthals, just as we see that the most pure ones are still not modern in Sub Sahara Africa or Australia. The evidence in genetics has led Christians to believe in evolution for some. . .and the creation of man by aliens.

If the pure blacks are “the chosen people” from the first modern man, why are they way older then their timeline and almost extinct in their pure form, due to being selected out? That would mean that God was wrong, as he told them they would be like the stars in the sky, and the sand on the shore.

If God was right though, our dating is still messed up (for reasons I get into more in my book here) but he was speaking of the Neanderthal whites and their descendants, who now make up most of the nuclear DNA.

This would tie into what we know of the common ancestor of most people tested in the world. . .and mean that the Y chromosome Adam, the common ancestor male of the world has to be a white Neanderthal. What about mitochondrial Eve?  She was from a time and place of a different species, the homo erectus. These did not even meet though! Yet the pure African male common ancestor (only seen in a few tested individuals so far). . .is traced back to a much older time then the one for the rest of the world. (At the time of no civilization and no Neanderthal.) This also correlates with the area in Sub Sahara Africa that has been tested to not have Neanderthal on the father’s side, as is in the rest of the world. . .

 Also, at the time of the biblical tale, 6-10,000 years ago, we have the start of the white mutation scientists tell us. In testing the female DNA they claim the common ancestor of everyone with blue eyes (tied to green eyes, white skin and blond and red hair) was born.

There are also new studies that indicate that at least 90% of the mutational variants in the human genome occurred in the last 200 to 400 generations (5,000 to 10,000 years). So most things that make white’s white happened around the same time. . .Creation?

It seems if we want to believe in the stories from all the ancient civilizations at all, we either need to change our understanding of them as evolved from earlier texts,  and meaning only the white man was created/started then, and Blacks or others were not even documented as man in the Bible, but “beast” or just throw them out completely as myth.

Let’s not dwell on the beginning of man with Adam and Eve any longer though, as much more evidence (of the “chosen people”) stems from Noah and his three sons. . . The people from “Adam” in the Bible (less evolved texts calling him Adapa) were said to have a bottleneck in their population at the time of Noah. So if a Jew today was not tied to one of 4 common ancestors on the woman’s side, and one on the man’s side, they either aren’t a true Jew, or the Bible is evolved and wrong. Thus we know that the only Jews still claiming it, are the Zionist, white Ashkenazi Jews. (Which I will get into later.)

But if the Jews looked as they mostly do today,  and if Noah was from mixed parents, instead of being “pure in his generations” as the Bible says, we would not  see a single pure white person coming from them, much less a single  pure black person. . .only brown.

In Egypt only a few hundred years after the time of Noah, where supposedly all “man” was wiped out by the global flood (Which I will get into later.) there were different colors of hominids after the time of Babel.  How to account for this?

  1. if you are taking the Bible literally, a magical babel account turned the skin all shades, nearly instantly! (Scientifically speaking, this is macro evolution/magic.)
  2. Or they started white and the black skin was due to a curse on Ham. .  .apparently actually his son Canaan was to be the cursed one. (A belief that King James was said to have started.) As many blacks amazingly still believe now.

The problem with the latter is that we can see from genetics that the oldest people in the world are black, and from Africa. Also, they did not go through a bottleneck at anytime like the flood story depicts! While “researchers say they have compelling evidence that white Europeans can trace their father’s y chromosome roots to the Near East.”

Only the whites are at the time, and place of the creation story.

OK, that was a joke!! The fact is though, if you understand that the origins of the Bible are in the Sumerian text, and that the Sumerian rulers were white “children of God”, it brings light to where they went. The Sumerian rulers became the elite Egyptians.

Notice any resemblance? Geneticists claim 70 per cent of British men are related to King Tutankhamun, pictured here in an official reconstruction

The haplogroup R1b1a2, was believed to have arose around the time of creation, in the Black Sea region and is mostly now traced back to a single original Egyptian line, that includes king Tut. Who they say up to half of European men can trace back to. Showing just how few whites there were originally in Egypt. While their slaves or servants in Sumer were known as the “black headed ones”, who came from a people called “martu”. These were considered beast of burden,  for mainly the purpose of gold digging as they did in Africa where they were made by the gods.

Evidence of their mixed genetics  from Africa is found in the Sumerian text in the story of Adamu, often confused to this day with the first modern, civilized humans in Eden/ Sumer, called “the learned ones” from Adapa.

Adamu on the other hand was genetically manipulated from a homo erectus and god’s DNA, so he was a hybrid, like the other half humans they created. A long list is found in mythology!

The gold digging slaves from the line of Adamu in Egypt were known as the nubians, from Nubia, which means “Land of gold.” The Nubians later became a mixed people known as the Ethiopians, who went back to Africa after a time.

Source Source

With no sign of a slow evolution, no link with a disease like leprosy, and not a single reason to turn white in a hot place like Sumer or Egypt, white man, with all their “mutations”, characteristics and bloodtype, seemed to come out of thin air, right alongside a dark people whom were used as their servants.

So, if the Bible is based in truth, then these people that started civilization were no doubt the  children of God, a new race of modern men, aliens, but later known as Israelites. (As they are the only ones that fit the timeline given in the Bible.) I will show you a lot more proof of that in the next post though. . .

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