Variety is the Spice of Life Part 5

So in my first few posts of this series I discussed the Albino characteristics, the RH factor, and the confusing blood types . . .  I next got into  “giant” origins according to the ancient texts, that we have sought to discredit as myth, because it didn’t make sense to our science  and understanding of the time.
I am here to encourage Christians (and any who see historical value in the ancient texts) that there is reality in the Bible. Sadly, we have been misreading and mistranslating a few things though. This isn’t new.  All through the enlightenment we have had to change our reading of the Bible, realizing how it was coming from ignorance of the culture, or their ignorance of science and genetics.
In my last post I got into the history and culture from which the Bible came, and using the Apocrapha and other ancient texts, I gave a little light on some old words. Some words like: “God”, and where he/they came from.  I touched on the evolution of “Satan” from a verb to a noun. “Angels” and their mistranslation, as well as the “fallen Angels” deemed later to be Demons. That brought us to “Sons” or “children” of God, discussing some of the notoriously most difficult verses in the Bible, in Genesis 6.
Ancient civilizations were all thought to have believed in “gods”. Which, as they all came from the same word, all speaking of those who came down from the sky, generally in flying chariots, or flaming chariots, coming out of the same ancient civilization that founded the rest, it seems logical that they were just generations of the same family passing down what they saw.
 “The Egyptians, Chaldeans, Mayans, Aztecs, Aryans, Syrians, and the inhabitants of the ancient Indian Tibet have all recorded the arrival of “gods from the heavens” in their ancient writing. Considering their similarities to the Bible, when you throw out the uneducated presumptions we’ve already dealt with, it seems we might get some clues from these other texts that predated the Bible even!”
“The best place to get answers about who these gods were is probably from the oldest known records written by the oldest known civilization, the Sumerians. (Their culture dates back to 6000 BC!)
The Sumerians documented the arrival of “gods” who they called “ilu”, from another world, who brought with them advanced knowledge.” [Sounds like in Enoch. . .]
The Sumerians, as opposed to the later cultures were more descriptive of these “ilu”, calling them the “Anunnaki” which translates into “Those who from Heaven to Earth Came.”  Sound familiar? The Anunnaki were also known to play “god” roles and control civilizations through worship or to “work for.”
I believe there has been a simple misunderstanding about these “gods” of ancient cultures though, rooted in a mis-translation of the word used to describe what mainstream linguists say means “god”.
While the word “ilu” has been commonly translated as “god” because it made the most sense to the ancient worldview, “ilu” has a different translation: “tall men.”
Despite this overall acceptance of this “mistake” of translation by linguists, they continue to translate “ilu” to mean “gods,” as any other meaning wouldn’t have made sense to their worldview. . .until now.”
“Later, the Akkadian, Babylonians, and the Assyrian culture and language evolved from the Sumerian Civilization and brought with them the word “ilu”. It is generally presumed that the “god” word of the Bible evolved from  both the word, and the god(s) that were passed down from those earlier texts and cultures.
The Akkadian cuneiform tablets speak extensively about the affairs of the “ilu” gods, and in every depiction/illustration where “ilu” and ordinary people are shown side by side the ilu are much taller. . .”
So, we could presume that these “gods” could have easily have been the fathers (the “Angels” or “sons of God”) that mated with the humans, creating the mistranslated giants in all the Ancient texts! Or were they simply taller than the natives and/or was their size depicting something, as pictures often were symbolic, like wings meant those who flew.
“The ancient stories tell us a lot about these “gods”. . . The first humans could have been a result of manipulation with the gods’ genes and maybe other life forms here on Earth already.
Many stories in all the ancient texts, especially pre-Christian texts, tell about a race of gods that “from the Heavens to the Earth Came.” And they “created man in their own image”. Looking back, these “gods” who all lived long lives (around 1,000 years) had superior knowledge and technology, performing apparent “miracles”. They easily would have been looked up to as gods. [Even though we believe it is better translated as tall men”]
So it’s really no surprise that the meaning morphed into a giant or supernatural being. . .as they were intuitive, wise, advanced, and very different. . .
[These gods, according to the many texts were] “flying about in lighted ships in the sky [sometimes called flaming chariots] and shooting fire or lightning from them [on select occasions] , creating ear-shattering booms and temporary blindness.” [Sometimes the flaming chariots even took people away, never to be seen again!]
The humans watched as these “gods” built massive and glorious houses and created beautiful cities for themselves. (Usually with help from their slaves. . .)
Many questions have sprung up about who these original “ilu” were?
These “people” have been variously identified with just about every mythical being after them that you can imagine, leading most scholars to automatically place the whole texts they come from in the realm of myth or allegory.
Interestingly though that all of these ancient creatures of myth from the giants and demigods, to even the genetically manipulated half man half animals were all white skinned, blond or red headed. . .so, based on my last posts, we can presume they were the original RH- blooded, so called “Albinos”, non natives.
Interestingly, these ilu or “gods” made genetically manipulated creations that, though in their “image” and “good”, were nonetheless depicted shorter, with a rounder head. . .possibly due to age and evolution on another planet.
The mingling of the human species, with these sons of “tall men” (God) happened in other places too. . thus the different cultures’ giants mating with women and creating demi-gods or partially “tall men.” Thus, all these “myths” would have been all talking about the same thing as the Bible.
We could look at them all as myth then, as many Atheists do, or we could look to see what the ancients might have meant by what they were all said to have seen. . .
Could “the Lord”, or “gods”, or the fathers of the “Angels” in every culture of the world have been just a depiction of the first human like people on earth?
It seems with many ancient texts handing down rules for not intermarrying with other “nations”, (better described as species or races now) that the first human creations were taught to keep their bloodlines pure.  Could they look like a somewhat tall, RH-, possibly originally O blood type, blue and green eyed, white skin and red and blond headed race of “people”, like all the “gods”?
 To this day, blood that  has the alien RH – factor seems nearly absent in the oldest genetics on earth. Accordingly the creationist scientists  believe “Adam wouldn’t have been a white boy, having been created from the dust of the earth/ground. Eve on the other hand, being created from his rib, would have been pale since that would be the shade afforded bone from which she was derived.”
Source: Institution for creation research
That is a hilarious reasoning! And this concession has only been recently admitted to. . . their previous theory stated that Adam and Eve were light brown! So if the people separated nicely into slightly different shades over the years, and did that numerous times (apparently moving away after a while), then our presumptuous understanding of the Bible could be accurate. I think there is a lot easier of an explanation though. . .  but as usual, the Bible won’t change, the reading of it does.
The Creation science people have indeed almost figured out the bloodtype issue as well!  Look at this quote from the same place: “for a husband and wife to pass on all alleles to their children, they need to, between them, have the A, B, and O alleles. So Adam and Eve could have had any of the following genetic make-ups: AO and BO, AB and OO, AB and AO, AB and BO, AA and BO or BB and AO, that is, any combination where both parents have all three alleles between them. Another possibility is that the O gene arose later.”
“The deletion responsible for converting an A allele to an O allele is not present in chimpanzees, and sequence comparisons between humans and chimps indicate this allele is unique to the [modern] human lineage, further complicating an evolutionary scenario for the origin of blood type O. . . the O allele is by far the most common allele globally, indicating that if it did originate via a mutational event, [a sudden  blood group start, separating man from monkey] it had to occur when the human population was extremely small . . .”
“If Adam and Eve did not have all three blood type alleles, then there must have been a mutation creating the O allele while the human race was still very small and before humans dispersed across the globe. Whether the origin of blood type O was in Adam and Eve at Creation or whether it arose as a mutational event [blood has proven the least likely part of the body to be able to mutate, yet they seem to call everything from white people a mutation, so why not.] that took place shortly before or after the Flood, it strongly supports that all humans today are descendants of two individuals or a small group of people that eventually populated the globe. Both scenarios are consistent with the biblical model of human origins.” [All it proves is that most modern humans now are traced back to one of them actually, through selection.]
Source: Institution for creation research
A genetically manipulated  son of”god” (“tall man”) seems to be a species with O and RH- blood originally, being  created and commemorated in the many creation stories. Being non-native, it is the most logical explanation of the numerous  evolved creation stories of man . The “impure” A and B blood seem to come from the monkeys originally, but definitely was around much longer than modern man.
It seems from the perspective of one of the writers of the Bible, that it was an intentional action of the gods/ “tall men” to  eventually mix up the genes  though, something the created half man/half beast genetically manipulated combinations of mythology would imply anyways.
The Bible gives reference to this in Jeremiah 31:27. “Behold the days come saith the Lord, I will SOW (mingle) the House of Israel and the House of Judah with the SEED (offspring) of man and the SEED (offspring) of beast . ” This could just as likely say that God will allow the mixing of the children of god with the children of man, as the term “beast” seems to refer not to an animal as we presume, but a biped who wore clothes, gets hired out and breeds with modern humans. Perhaps the better translation of both the passage in Genesis 6  about the children of God and this one about  “God’s chosen people”, the children of God the Jews and Israelites mixing is with another race of bipeds on earth before them, eventually called “beasts”.
What would the point of this mixing being intentional and done by God though when later the Bible says in the New testament that “All the nations [races] will be gathered before Him [Jesus], and He will separate them one from another, as a shepherd divides his sheep from the goats.”  (Matthew 25:31-32) It seems that races were considered to be different like species at the time, and in fact have been according to many up until recently. In fact I was reading from a dark skinned author named Angela Saini recently about race science coming back, who said that historically races were deemed as different species.
I wonder if we are to take this Bible verse seriously if we are talking about a separation of races similar to in Nazi Germany, or could be in reference to a physical separation of the O blood types from the A’s and B’s? I have heard they have a bacteria that is doing just that and turning “impure” blood into O!  Or could it be the RH-‘s from the RH+, though they follow racial lines strongly. . . or more likely, just as is said in the verse,  will the gods separate the races by looks and DNA. . .  I don’t know which, or even if that will happen. Yet if they seeded only one race of man, it seems logical they will only come take away one race, to go back home.
Could it be more in reference to an obvious separation that we have partly done to ourselves?  Perhaps for the purpose of depopulating the less desirable group of less intelligent people, could they be trying to allow self selection to separate the stupid from the smart, so they will know who are their descendants, the true “children of God”?  The elite know the thinking person like them will eventually see through or opt out of abortion, religions, vaccines, fluoride, GMO’s, BPA’s, drugs and dangerous medical practices, as well as a pathetic educational system, as they mostly do so themselves, from what I’ve heard.
It seems, that keeping the masses believing in “God” (as they have either intentionally or naively redefined him through mis-translations) helps those in power retain their power and keep down hysteria. Just like all the other methods of control the elite use on the gullible masses in the US now,  those in power don’t themselves have much use for it. . .
We  whites recently came from Europe and the countries of Europe, with the highest population of the “best minds” (Rh-) many of them being the direct descendants of the kings and Pharaohs, with RH- and are happily and peacefully living in Atheism. In fact, by 1970, all 22 of the nations of central and eastern Europe were effectively atheistic, until the refugees started moving in and were easily evangelized into a magical belief in God by the white missionaries, like in my own family! Most of us whites are past the fairy tales and see the real stories now as actually evidence for aliens! More people in Europe actually believe in Aliens than Jesus according to a poll I read. . .although in all truth, Jesus was an alien, so that is confusing.
To rebel  against the white leaders , more often than not, only shows you misunderstand their intentions, or are judging them as stupid as the very average and racially mixed majority. They aren’t! They not only know what they are doing, but they are given that power to lead from their bloodline and by the “Gods” themselves! A few “illegitimate” mixed ones  often slip into power though. They are seen to usually rebel and look very aggressive and sexual/ bad in history sadly. A few notable ones are:  Nimrod, Ahab, Ramesses the 1st, Cleopatra, King Richard the 3rd, President Obama, etc. while a few  seemed to strangely have vendettas against their own people and seem to be confused who Jews even are, like Hitler.
If you believe the Bible though, in JOB 36:7 , “He [God] doth establish them [Kings on the throne] for ever, and they are exalted.” So, as there seems no use in fighting the  RH-, high IQ bloodline of the Royals and presidents, stemming from the white Jews ,  as pure blooded sons of gods , we might as well join forces and admit that if you are white, o blooded, or RH-, that you are a “child of God” and from the same alien family.  I know I am. And I never thought a basic Atheist could say that I’m a CHILD OF GOD!
To be continued. . .


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