Variety is the Spice of Life Part 6

As we have seen in  previous posts, the “children of God” or “sons of God”, was synonymous with “Angels” in the Bible.  Later it became clear that these original “god(s)” of ancient “myths” were really just “tall guys”, associated with the red and blond haired, white skinned race that were the original advanced civilizations of the world. Concluding that all people who are linked to either the tall guy’s blood type, (O) or more specifically are (or were originally) RH-  are “children of God(s).”

Here I will get into where these people came from, tracing their blood and RH factor, only found in those from the original  so called “Albinos”. Like the Gene for the Albinos/ white skin, red/blond hair, and light eyes that I discussed in my first post, scientists are puzzled by the seemingly sudden emergence of the rh negative bloodline.

 It is easy to trace the RH- factor, seeing that it correlates so well with the white-skin Albino mutation, and the O blood type. It is pretty clear both where it is now, and where it’s been in the ancient past, including how it got selected for, if we just follow those characteristics alone. . . (Here’s a tip, if the culture has light skin, the RH- people were definitely there. . .but not having it doesn’t exclude it.)
Someone or some small group of “people” seemed to have created the humans we see today. This Creation of the “Tall guys”, or their first child is called Adam in the Bible.  . .but there has been a lot of confusion between God’s children and creation. Which is it? Like bloodtypes, looks are passed from father to son, and God, like man (and all the animals) was said to have reproduced after his “kind”. The biblical author said Adam was made in god’s image, just as Adams sons were in the image and likeness of their parents.  At another point we see some obviously  unnatural stuff of being tampered with genetically, with a rib taken from Adam to make Eve in the story.  So Eve is not naturally God’s child, but from the bone marrow of a man that she later marries? The story obviously has some confusing elements that sound very alien tech at parts, so let’s get back to the science of blood.
 Scientists claim to have no idea how the alien RH- bloodline of Adam and Eve began but we can clearly trace it back to Europe, supposedly about 25,000-35,000 years ago. . .and then to much earlier in some parts of Africa, and also to Israel, according to some sources.
As the EARTH was originally “peopled” by  homo erectus and primates  before it was peopled by man, “made in the image” of the “Tall men” or “God”, this fits with known evolution perfectly, and also the basics of every culture’s story of a creation of the first humans as well. Which should make all religious people happy too!
“Researchers. . . looked at a particular stretch of DNA in the blood type gene in humans, baboons  chimpanzees, gorillas, orangutans and several species of monkey. Then the scientists compared that stretch of DNA across species on the larger primate family tree. The pattern they saw suggests that the A and B blood groups were around at least 20 million years ago. . .”
The O- blood, which all  recent human life originated with, only started somewhere around the time of the Neanderthals we believe. (Estimated to be 40-70,000 years ago.) But if you want to claim the first man Adam as a relative, you must have at least remnants of the blood type he did. If you don’t have either RH- or O, then you may have come from a dark, primitive and earthly humanoid, the homo erectus. . .or you actually have RH-/O bloodtype hidden and recessively.
I believe O is the universal giver in blood donations because nearly all people on earth now have it in them already, recessively or dominantly. You can definitely tell if if it is more dominant if you have any characteristics from whites, like blue or green eyes, blond or red hair, or lighter skin. If you also behaviorally fit in better with whites than in a jungle habitat, you can be assured you have alien blood in your veins.
Top 10 Proof Of Pleiadian Aliens On Earth | Proof Of Aliens Life ...
I am only putting puzzle piece together that many scientists may not have seen. I think this understanding could and should unite creationists and evolutionists. It would also take religion out of the realm of un-provable supernatural, (leading to nothing but fighting) and put it in  the realm of scientific reality. . .no doubt being called scientific racism, but really it is “race realism.”
This information should help us see the evolution of our myths, just as we evolved the real story of Saint Nicholas/Santa Clause. Let’s bring back reality and stop teaching our children fairy tales, just as some want Santa to be black now, we must realize the origins of the story of Saint Nicholas is a white man, just as the gods and their children were all white.
 Archaeologists believe that human life started in Africa, and I believe they are basically right. . .depending on how you define human and where you put Africa as starting. I also believe this ties into the ancient texts. . . when you take out some silly religious preconceived notions.  It is believed by most scientists that the beginning of human life is equated with basic monkeys though. All pre-humans  or sub-humans came from an apparent splicing in of a few select genes to the earthly primate here, to make the homo Erectus. This I get into more in my book.
 These primates may have used rock tools to crack open food, and hunt for food in groups, but they are not what anyone today would call human. And though they are famous for tribal warfare, they were basically vegetarians. The A and B blood types  historically also show a  mainly vegetarian diet of being hunter gatherers, as opposed to the meat eating O blood from the Neanderthals.  It should also not be surprising that the A and B blood has been around for 20 million years, with the O being much more resent.

We could conclude that the monkeys were around long before the “Aryan race” appeared. Which seems to fit with the archaeological evidence. As stated by one evolutionist site:

{the Homo erectus] “evidently lived in small hunting, gathering, and scavenging bands that rarely exceeded a few dozen individuals. [Sounds like monkey troups to me] Life expectancy was typically 30 years or less, often much less.”


Now I researched Monkeys:

“Monkeys in the wild live between 20 and 25 yrs. However, in captivity they can live into their 40s!”

What about the age of the first actual human acting and looking people, the Neanderthals?

“Recent analysis. . . of human teeth from Upper Paleolithic sites has shown that beginning around 30,000 years ago there was a sharp rise in the number of people who were over 30 years old. They were living significantly longer on average. . .a 4-fold increase in the number of grandparents.”

It seems that just plain monkeys were pretty obviously the first on earth before man or those who seemed to have started the human characteristics and blood. There were seemingly no “transitional forms”, as shown by genetics and life expectancy. In fact, a sharp increase in the population came about at the time of the  so called “flood”, and even before!
The steady population of the “pre-humans” or homo erectus was said to be around 1 million for millions of years beforehand, but as they did not leave much material behind to account for their lives, we really can’t know conclusively. What we do know though is that among those after them with human behavior, we see a sharp increase from a small founding effect,  right around 7,000 years ago, just as the ancient creation myths all speak of.
Interestingly, the word “human” is from the Latin “humanus”, the adjectival form of homo. The Latin “homo” derives from the Indo-European root *dhghem, or “earth”. Could the first man Adam, who’s name means “red”, really have been made from the red “dust”? Perhaps Adam was just made of star dust, like they say is true of every life. That may be one way to look at it, but as the word “homo” is only presumed to be translated as earth because of the red clay.  “Red” in the Bible also seems to indicate a mixed dark person. . .again, read my book for more.
The beginning of earthly man was apparently a  genetically modified creation, but not one in the likeness of “god” or a tall man.  The ones in the god’s likeness flourished alongside and “walked with” the so called “eternal”, or long living  “tall men” in the area of Sumer.
The ancient civilizations of these gods, and their children may have been destroyed by an ancient comet  some say.  Another theory is sun cycles  causing climate change.

When solar activity decreases, there is a marked increase in volcanic activity.  This activity then melts the ice caps and creating so much CO2 that it triggered an ice age. . .yes, CO2 is actually what the earth puts out to cool it, and it always rises before an ice age, according to the scientists studying the ice cores.

We have seen this happening, but it seems to be colder in some places and hotter in others, better explained by an axis shift, which the Inuit Indians have claimed to have studied for generations. This shift would have caused a movement in the tectonic plates, which would have also made an increase of volcanic activity, melting the ice caps and creating CO2 . . .

Whatever the cause, man made global warming is not based on science, as we see a pattern of a rise and fall of the climate in times were there were no people on earth.
 The high technology of the ancient “tall” gods apparently where aware of this tumultuous time. Some saying it was their home planet Nibiru passing that caused the troubles, due to tides and gravitational pull, etc.  Whatever the case, at the predicted time, they escaped to their sky ships, and warned their genetically pure children of the coming troubles. . .and likely directing them to do the same, if the ancient and evolved Biblical story of Noah, echoed in many cultures around the world, can be taken at face value. . .After such an ancient disaster with rising water, they may have wisely made their homes in the mountains, instead of by water. . .or so one could surmise by many ancient myths.
The “Sons of the Highest” of Atlantis were described as the typical Nordic gods. The coast of Atlantis was wiped out with the rise in the oceans.
Plato first described Atlantis about 2,600 years ago in one of his late dialogues. Saying that “in a single day and night[it] disappeared into the depths of the sea.”

Evidence is coming out that remains of Atlantis may have actually been found, right where it should have been. . .
At the end of last Ice Age sea levels were nearly 400 feet lower than present day levels. Once the waters began to rise, they rose swiftly. After being wiped out by the rising water after the ice age, would the Atlanteans  children not have wisely moved to higher ground. . .like a mountain, or the highest place in the area? High places and mountains were said to be the places of the gods in all the ancient cultures.  Even Jerusalem was described as “the city of our God” by the Jews, and it was the highest place around, set on a hill. Mount Zion was either symbolic of Jerusalem, or more likely, the other way around.
Some verses that talk of this mountain of the Christian/Jewish god:
“But you have come to Mount Zion and to the city of the living God [tall men], the heavenly Jerusalem. . .”
(Hebrews 12:22-24 RSV)
Following the ancient gods now in archaeology may be very hard if they are:
1.eternal (questionable)
2.very old, as they would appear as an ape because of how certain bones in the face continue to grow with age.
3. moved on to another planet or underground. . .
4. all died and have been buried with Atlantis
However, following their mortal children “in their image” ought to be easy, because we can follow the RH- blood. The highest accounts of the RH- are found in a few groups:
 We know that Europeans have this mutation and the Rh-, and that there is a basic location of either it’s apparent origin, or a place where most of the RH-‘s are , or the people with the purest RH- blood line eventually settled. That area is called: The Basque region.
So, the next group that we can say that the RH- blood comes from is actually probably the origin of the last.
2. The Basque people
Two facts set the Basque peoples apart:
(1)  Their language is unlike any other European language, and different then any known language in the world. Some believe it was the original language of the world!
(2) The Basques have the highest recorded level of Rh-negative blood in the world now (roughly twice that of most Europeans). The Basque people of Euskadi, Ireland, Scotland and the Norwegian islands have a high concentration of RH-, but the most distinctive members of the European branch of the human tree are the Basques of France and Spain.  They have a greater than 50 percent concentration of the RH negative gene. The frequency decreases in relation to the distance from the Basque region into the rest of the world. Genetic mapping helps to show that a mutation from RH positive to RH negative occurred somewhere in the Basque area of Europe maybe as much as 40,000 years ago. Not surprisingly, the Basque people also have a higher incidence of Type O- blood.
Basque sailors like Magellan were among the first Europeans to reach North America. A great many early European settlers in Canada and the United States were of Basque origin.On This Day In History: Ferdinand Magellan Reached Pacific And South  American Strait - On Nov 28, 1520 | MessageToEagle.com
 Basques are a completely separate and distinct people whose origins are shrouded in mystery they say. The Basques had light complexion skin, blue or gray eyes, and blondish hair. These characteristics still persist in a large number of present day inhabitants of the islands.

Some probable technological feats of the Basques or their ancestors are:

  • Regular visits to North America long before Columbus to fish and to trade for beaver skins. (Recently archaeologists have unearthed British customs records showing large Basque imports of beaver pelts from 1380-1433.)
  •  The invention of a sophisticated navigational device called an “abacus.”
 The Basque people are believed to be direct descendants of the Neanderthals (and Cro magnon), because Western Europe is the Neanderthal’s home areas, and the  O blood type (originating in the o-) shows us that the Neanderthals looked basically European. “One interesting facet of Neanderthals, is that they are believed to have had reddish hair and light skins. So red hair may be another marker of part-Neanderthal ancestry.”
“After studying the genomes sequences of five modern humans from around the world – from China, France, Papua New Guinea, southern Africa and Western Africa – It was determined that the Neanderthal genome sequence proved slightly more similar to those of non-Africans than other groups.” Source 
Even though they were one of the first to come out of Africa? You mean, they might not be black? Actually, it is pretty conclusive that they aren’t black, and that the Neanderthals had red hair and white skin.
So if the Europeans came from the Basques and the Basques came from the Neanderthals, then could  the Neanderthals be the original Adam and Eve? Lets trace their blood and ancestry.
“The Neanderthal emerged between 100,000 and 200,000 years ago,[though this ranges greatly I’ve found] give or take, in the early and middle Paleolithic era. Neanderthals were more muscular than the later Homo sapiens, and their skulls were flatter,[elongated?]. . . and pronounced ridges on the forehead. They were also capable of speech, but recent physiological discoveries indicate that their voices were high pitched and nasal, not the baritone grunts we normally associate with cavemen. “
” The Neanderthal’s Cranial capacity equaled or surpassed that of modern humans, though their braincases were long, low, and wide and flattened behind. Their faces had heavy brow ridges, wider noses, large teeth, and small cheekbones. The chest was broad, and the limbs were heavy, with large feet and hands.”
There seems to be a lot of intentional misleading about these people, because of the thought that they must be related to the monkeys, and homo erectus, coming from Africa. They are genetically not at all closely related though! There are many differences in the Neanderthals from those before them.
“Neanderthals intentionally buried their dead, both individually and in groups, and they also cared for sick or injured individuals. Evidence of ritualistic treatment of animals, which is sometimes found with their skeletons, may indicate that they practiced a primitive form of religion.” (Or were they just the first hunters or meat eaters?. . .)
“The old concept of Neanderthals being brutish, primitive people has receded in the light of modern studies. Instead, with their powerful, tough physiques and their large brain size (above the modern average), as well as increasing evidence of cultural and artistic achievements, some of us may become quite proud of our Neanderthal ancestry!”
“They found that two Neanderthal specimens from Spain . . . had the O blood type. . . Though the O allele was likely to have already appeared before the split between humans and Neanderthals, it could also have arisen in the Neanderthal. . .”

“On average, Neanderthal mtDNA genomes differ from each other by 20.4 bases and are only 1/3 as diverse as modern humans.” [They didn’t get out much I guess; interbreeding wasn’t their thing.]

Map showing the area that the Neanderthals were found to frequent or have access to according to the Smithsonian. . . (Something tells me they had boats. . .)

“They also found that the effective population size of the Neanderthals was small.”

“Since the Neanderthal DNA was equally related to that of the modern samples from France, China and Papua New Guinea, admixture between moderns and Neanderthals must have occurred before the Eurasian populations split off from each other.” [Could they be the origin of the Eurasian population?]

“Remains of both modern humans and Neanderthals . . . have been found in the Middle East. A few interbreeding events during this period could have produced the results found in this study.”

“The similarities between modern Europeans and Neanderthals, which would be expected if Neanderthals and modern humans interbred while in Europe, could have been lost due to gene flow between modern humans from different regions.”

“The gene flow from the Neanderthals is “14% archaic-modern admixture in European and American populations, and 1.5% admixture in East Asian populations.”

“Interbreeding between archaic [Neanderthals] and moderns [mixed humans of today] may have involved different species.”

 Evidence from a few sites now clearly indicate that Neanderthals coexisted for several thousand years with an earlier species, cross-breeding with. . . Homo-Erectus thus producing the hybrid Cro-Magon man.” Source
” Cro-Magnons are not a separate species from modern man. In fact, they’re the earliest known . . . example of our species and are actually modern in every anatomical respect. They did, however, have somewhat broader faces, a bit more muscle, and a slightly larger brain.”

“Cro-Magnon man used tools, spoke and probably sang, made weapons, lived in huts, wove cloth, wore skins, made jewelry, used burial rituals, made cave paintings, and even came up with a calendar. Specimens have since been found outside Europe, including in the Middle East.”

 “The Cro-Magnon people increased their food supply by developing coordinated group hunting techniques for the killing of large herd animals, especially in the river valleys of Western Europe and the plains of Central and Eastern Europe.  They also developed new specialized hunting weapons.  The art of spear hunting was revolutionized by the invention of the spear thrower.”  Source

“Residues of animal skin pants, shirts, and shoes have been found in a 22,000 year old Cro-Magnon grave . . .  Wild flax fibers from 34,000 year old thread or twine have been found at a cave site. . .  Some of these fibers appear to have been dyed black, gray, turquoise, and/or pink.  The fibers were twisted, suggesting that they had been used to make thread, string, or rope.”

“The Cro-magnon people then immigrated to Central Asia where they lived for some 10,000 years before passing through the Middle East and finally settling in the Pyrenees,  [a range of mountains in southwest Europe]. . . they also share a strong genetic relationship to the Celts of Ireland, Wales, and Cornwall.”


“The Cro-Magnon was found at the Jebel Qafzeh and Skhul sites in what is now Israel. The inescapable logical conclusion, is that Cro-Magnon is the product of Modern man cross-breeding with Neanderthal.”

 From what I can tell, they were not considered a separate species from the Neanderthal, and bred with them, being a hybrid, but the previous Homeo erectus  they were mixed with was much more primitive.

“The taxonomy (the naming and assignment of species) of Homo erectus is controversial. Some scholars maintain that important differences exist between the Asian and African representatives of this species. In particular, these scientists contend that features [like] large teeth. . . and [the] massiveness of the neurocranium (the part of the skull that covers and protects the brain) and face—are found only in Asian H. erectus fossils. However, as other scholars argue, many of these traits are also found in. . . H. erectus fossils in Africa, suggesting that the entire sample constitutes a single species, Homo erectus. The Homo erectus braincase is also very long relative to its height, giving the skull a football-shape when viewed from the side. . .the browridges were massively built and continuous across the face. The only notable difference is that the postcranial remains of Homo erectus are generally thicker and more massively-built than those of H. sapiens. . .”

“Recent research, however, suggests that key fossils assigned to Homo erectus were much shorter than previously thought and argues that modern human stature may not have been present in Homo erectus. Recent fossil finds in Kenya suggest that Homo erectus was quite variable in size and that sexual dimorphism (differences between males and females within a species) may have been greater than previously believed.  The ability of Homo erectus to colonize land outside of Africa was also largely dependent on the new technology this species invented to deal with its surroundings. Homo erectus was the first species to actively control fire; the first good evidence for controlled fire is from a Homo erectus site in Israel.”

“H. erectus made hand axes everywhere they could find the appropriate kind of stone to make them, and there was no stylistic variation. Hand axes in the Middle East look like hand axes in Europe and Africa. There seemed be little cultural variation.”

Many scholars believe that Homo erectus evolved from Homo habilis, probably in East Africa. Recent finds in Kenya, however, have increased the temporal range of Homo habilis, suggesting that the two species overlapped greatly in time and causing some scientists to question the direct linkage between Homo habilis and Homo erectus. [They are one and the same in other words.]

Homo habilis, Homo ergaster and numerous others have recently been all coined Homo erectus because of the variety within one family found in a cave. If found separately they would have been classified much differently . The truth is, Homo habilis ,Homo ergaster Homo Erectus, Cro-magnon, and a newly found Denisovan lived with Neanderthal, who likewise lived alongside “modern man” . [Or maybe it was the interbreeding with the Neanderthal that made them modern man?]

Comparison of Neanderthal and modern human DNA  suggests that the two lineages diverged from a common ancestor. . .[who would have been called “God”]

Sadly, history rarely gives the same names to people or species in their day as we do looking back. Formal names, versus titles, are confusing enough, but going back far enough, the people often didn’t even have marked graves, or if they did, the markers were long since destroyed. So, I will borrow from the studies of many scientists, historians and Archaeologist as well as geneticists in my next post about the ancient gods in DNA.

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