Variety is the Spice of Life Part 7


Hopefully you are reading from the start of this series, as I got into much genetics and the mental hurdles to what I am saying here about the races. I will build on my last post,  getting into genetics of Morocco and the Canary islands. Let’s see what Geneticists say about these two groups:

“Historical evidence does support the explanation of “strong sexual asymmetry…as a result of a strong bias favoring mating between European males and aboriginal females. . .large numbers of Spaniard [basque/ European blooded] men stayed in the islands and married the local women, the Canarians adopted Spanish names, language, and religion, and in this way, the Canarians were Hispanicized.”

“According to a recent study by Fregel et al. 2009, in spite of the geographic nearness between the Canary Islands and Morocco, the genetic heritage of the Canary islands male lineages, is mainly from European origin. “

As an interesting note, the Guanache people’s had a local religion similar to the later Greeks,and Jews:  “According to tradition, the male and female gods lived in mountains, from which they descended to hear the prayers of the people. “

“Until the 20th century, there were in the Canary Islands individuals called “Animeros”. They were similar to healers and mystics with a syncretic belief among the Guanches [also known as] Berber religion and Christianity. As in other countries close to the islands the Animeros were considered “persons blessed by God”.

There was a special process carried out on the dead of certain classes in the Islands, a processing similar to the mummies of Egypt. “In the Museo de la Naturaleza y el Hombre (Santa Cruz de Tenerife) mummies of original inhabitants of the Canary Islands are displayed.”

I wonder what blood type they had. . .? This statue is a depiction of one of their leaders. . .what nationality does he look like to you? One of the European men who interbred with the local short aboriginal woman? Genetics makes the answer a pretty obvious “yes”.


“The Guanches of the Canary Islands, are thought to represent a relatively pure Cro-Magnon stock.”
So  if the Cro magnon were a hybrid people of those who looked like Neanderthals and homo erectus, how does this all tie into the ancient texts and more specifically the Jews? Well as you might have guessed, the names we have given to the ancient civilizations and mummies, are not always the ones they were originally known by. . . but the genealogy and the redhead/blond, blue eyed, white skin looks, as well as the DNA/RH- factor are all undeniable markers of certain people. So while it’s clear the genes  for white skin, blue/green eyes and blond/red hair are later in Spain and other parts of Europe, they seemed to come from  parts of Africa even before that. . .

Could the Biblical account of the Jews with their special blood have been first in Africa? Was the first genetically manipulated human of the line of the Jews  “in the image of God”, or just manipulated with some godly DNA? Was a hybrid Cro-magnon or seemingly pure Neanderthal the Biblical Adam? Can we trace Jews back to Africa, or only the middle east?

Let’s see what the scientists say:

“North Africa’s Jews originated in biblical-era Israel and are more closely related to Jews from other parts of the world than they are to non-Jewish North Africans, according to a new genetics study. Ethiopian Jews [Like Obama I believe] are so distantly related to other Jews that their community must have been founded by only a few itinerants. . .” [Which I will get into later, but are a very unrelated interbreed of dark monkey, with sons of the tall men, think, planet of the apes.]

“The latest research builds on an earlier study that found significant genetic similarity between European and Middle Eastern Jews. Among the new findings: Jews from Morocco and Algeria [right beside it] are more closely related to Jews from Europe, while Jews from Tunisia and Libya are more closely related to those in the Middle East.

Let’s look at this map, knowing these people from Adam were sea faring people, as testified to by  Noah, and even his descendants the Basque people. (One of whom was Magellan who came first to America.)

  It is pretty easy to trace the so called “tall men” back to the earliest Pharaohs, kings and “gods” who dominated Egypt, before moving to Europe. So let’s start there.

“For millennia these Kings, Queens, Pharaohs, and Emperors have obsessively interbred with themselves to preserve and spread their bloodline. They have ruled over us since the beginning of recorded history, claiming they were given divine right to the throne by God or gods. [Now we know that simply meant “Tall guys”] This ‘Divine right’ is simply the right to rule by DNA.”[The blood of the gods]

“The myths and legends of Greece, India and South America describe the rule of Osiris and Isis. The Mighty Osiris and Isis walked into the Egyptian Valley out of nowhere and assumed command. They were taller and more imposing than the men of the time, with long blond hair, marble-like white skin and remarkable powers that enabled them to perform miracles.”

According to many, Egyptian culture was built by Caucasians, not blacks, as we have falsely been taught. While there were darker inbreed rulers who much later violently seized the thrones. (Usually as the kings were gone in battle, or started to interbreed with the dark skinned Nubian tribes, taking on foreign wives, to make peace.) Soon after the start of their reign though, the kingdom always fell to decay from the inside. (like we see happen with Solomon and his strange/foreign wives in the Bible, that pattern of racial interbreeding was the undoing of many great empires.)

The last great rulers where pretty obviously white ones, as is proven now with DNA of the kings of the 20th dynasty and before.

Here is one picture that shows the hair color and facial features of the early Egyptians in power, not dyed and definately european under a microscope, as the DNA. There are many more like this that have been found. . .and often their statues don’t match.  I will get into this later.

And while we’re at it, let’s tie in the Bible here: As I clarified in my past post, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob were white, but it is anyone’s guess just how many of Jacob’s children were, from his 4 wives. (2 servants and 2 daughters of the family of Laban, meaning “white”.)

One thing we do know though, is that Joseph had prophetic dreams, and was given the coat “of many colors”, which was often understood as a simple gift, but it was a gift that made him the rightful heir. For which gesture, and his demeaning prophetic dreams, he was hated and sold into slavery to a traveling band of Ishmaelites or Arabs Genesis 37:12-35

After taking his coat and smearing it with a goats blood, they lied to their father, saying Joseph was dead, and hoped to never see him again. (They sure couldn’t have gotten away with that stunt today with DNA analysis.)

So, if the bloodline of the RH-/o- looks passed from Adam to Joseph in Egypt, based on the Bible, that could give us an exact location of the Holy grail bloodline. So if the Bible is accurate, we should expect to see “Joseph” as a vizier in Egypt, and we can find him! He is the mummy above!

“The identity of Joseph can be found among the great princes of the 12th Dynasty. Revealing his identity to his kinsmen who had sold him into slavery, Joseph claimed that God [“the tall guys”] had made him ‘A father to Pharaoh’. Throughout the long history of ancient Egypt, only one man is known to have been given the title ‘A father to Pharaoh  – Yuya, a vizier of the eighteenth dynasty King Tuthmosis IV. Yuya has long intrigued Egyptologists because he was buried in the Valley of Kings even though he was not a member of the Royal House.” [Still likely RH- though, as he clearly had the blood of his father Jacob, because he was given the coat with long sleeves, otherwise mistranslated as colorful.]

“Yuya was, in addition to being a Vizier, also a Joseph (“Father of the Lord”), where “Joseph” is actually a title, or job description. Clearly, Yuya was an Israelite, someone in the royal circles of said Israelites, and from a long line of such.”

Queen Thuya, left, Wife of Yuya. (Joseph.) Mother of Tiy.
She was just as Caucasian, but more red haired. Seen below.


What's that on the face of King Tut's grandma? - Technology ...

If the Bible stories about Joseph are true, archaeological evidence should be able to point to the 7 years of feasting or famine. . .Studies in ‘ice cores’ found in Mount Kilimanjaro, the mountain which supplies the Nile with water, in Tanzania have revealed that a drought took place. . . around the time the Bible sets Joseph’s story.

We also know of another event around the same time. One of the most fertile areas in ancient Egypt was the land around Lake Quarun. This lake was supplied with water from one of the branches of the Nile. Droughts in Egypt used to cause this branch to dry up, leaving the land around the lake destitute. Between 1850 BC and 1650 BC a canal was built to keep the branches of the Nile permanently open, enabling water to fill Lake Quaran and keep the land fertile. This canal was so effective that it still successfully functions today. There is no record of who built the canal, but for thousands of years it has been known by one name. In Arabic it’s the “Bahr Yusef.” This translated into English means the water way of Joseph.

There is some debate as to whether Joseph is one Visier or another, probably mostly due to some confusion about his name Joseph actually being a title. . .something that also got misinterpreted in the Bible. The argument certainly seems pretty clear though, even if the Biblical account might be slightly off, which is really not surprising considering how the Bible was pieced together. . .

In Deuteronomy 31:25-29  Moses predicted the corruption/tampering of the Law (Bible) after his death and the Book of Jeremiah which came approximately 826 years after that prediction did indeed confirm this corruption in Jeremiah 8:8.  It seems pretty obvious that the Bible didn’t claim to be perfect from the start.The Joseph debate can be further looked into here though.

So, what about evidence of Moses? Can we trace the pure(?) Jewish bloodline to a historical Moses?

Queen Tiy (Taia,Tyre Tiye) is on the right.  Her father was Yuya (Joseph) and Mother was Thuya. Later she was the mother of  King Amenhotep IV better known as Akhenaten,  (She was believed to be the mother of Nefertiti as well, who some believe become the wife of Akhenaten because she appeared to have co-reigned with him.) Later Tiy became her son’s wife as well!

“It was decreed, however, that no son born to Tiye could inherit the throne.” (Because of the length of her father’s governorship?) Tiye had a son, Tuthmosis, and in fact he did not survive (with a whip bearing his name being found later in the tomb of Tutankhamen). Based upon the evidence at hand (as well as entombed), Tiye could have concluded that the ban on her sons was for real, and when she became pregnant again, she took precautions. During her pregnancy, she moved to Goshen, where she could reside in her “confinement” among the Israelite kin. There Tiye had her brother’s wife, Tey, a daughter of the house of Levi, nurse her son.[Nefertiti was her daughter the biblical “Miriam”, and Smenkhkare was her son, the biblical “Aaron”.]

As far as an outsider could tell, Tey was nursing her own child, and poor Tiye had once again failed to generate a possible heir to the Egyptian throne. “Tiye’s son Amenhotep IV was born in 1394 BC.

” Amenhotep IV…[was] soon to be renamed Akhenaten (Egyptian)… and known to the Israelites as Moses.”

Mose (sometimes written mosis or moses) is an Egyptian title or suffix indicating son of or rightful heir.
So when “Moses” was given as his name, it was indicating that he was a “son or rightful heir” of the royal family. And like the title of Yuya’s being “Joseph”, “Moses” was simply misunderstood by future generations who were not familiar to the culture of the time. Furthermore Moses was called a “fair child”, as opposed to good looking, as has become it’s meaning now, it’s meaning then was to simply be a part of the Aryan race. The story of Moses was just a mishmash of cultural stories based on presumptions, way after the fact.

We do believe a natural disaster happened to cause the plagues. Some evidence of that is The Ipuwer Papyrus. The plagues described in an Egyptian papyrus are very similar to those found in the Bible. In the early 1800s, a papyrus was found in Egypt called The Admonitions of an Egyptian. It is now in the Leiden Museum in Holland. An Egyptian named Ipuwer wrote it at the end of the Middle Kingdom, around 1650 B.C.E.; scribes copied it in the 19th Dynasty, in the 1200’s B.C.E.


Scientists know what actually happened at about that time, causing all those plagues to come from a chain of natural events. Check it out here if you want to know more.

There was nothing holding the white Jews back from leaving the area after those plagues had devastated their land. Especially as they weren’t slaves. . . We have no archaeological evidence of either them being slaves, or of them leaving in mass. Especially because they were the ruling elite!

Anyways, (probably misunderstood) history tells us that the confrontation between the past pharaoh or “Moses” and the usurping pharaoh of the Ramases line, ended with a negotiated truce that guaranteed “Moses” and his few followers/”people” safe passage out of the country. This safe passage out of Egypt for a small group of the royal family was likely the famed Exodus.

Not all the millions of Jews left Egypt however, as would be presumed. . . but the amount that did leave apparently weakened the economy of the country. Opening them up to  further invasions  and assimilation of foreigners. . . the foreign pharaohs seemingly started with Setnakhte’s son Ramasis the 3rd, killed by his own son Pentawer, both of whom have been DNA tested as being from an African haplogroup.

Nefertiti to the right, (or some say Miriam) was with Akanaten (or some believe Moses) until the end, and as common practice with siblings in those times, had a son with him. We call him king Tut. His DNA has been recently traced to European origins, confirming again that the two parents were Europeans/ Jews.

This bloodline is the one of the native kings, and the bloodline from Moses and Aaron and Miriam breaks off to Scotland and Ireland here with a daughter, princess Scota. Clearly this is an area with deep caucasian roots.

DNA studies on ancient Egyptian mummies have found a large number to be of rh negative blood groups. The Pharaoh Akhenaten and his family were all rh negative blood.

Akhenaten was branded a heretic and the next dark pharaohs attempted to destroy any trace of him.  (As was commonly done to those whom they disagreed with or saw as different then themselves.) All names were changed from ‘aten’ to ‘amun’ .
Statues were repainted and made to depict historically white pharaohs as dark, just as we see black Santa’s and Jesus’s now. Statues were taken down and destroyed,  being seen as a threat and not representing those now living there. . .sound familiar?


The true Rh- Egyptians had all vanished at the very latest by 800 BC, and the divided and weakened native Egyptians were easy prey to numerous foreign invaders. . .just as America is now.

“Egypt entered into a steady period of decay, caused directly by
the elimination of the original Egyptians, and their replacement with a mixed population made up of Black, Semitic and the remnant White population. This racially divergent nation was never again to reach the heights achieved by the First, Second or the first part of the Third Kingdoms. In these later years there were competing claimants to the pharaohs throne, many of whom, racially speaking, bore no resemblance to the original pharaohs at all.”

“The White Egyptians left many written references to the Black population in Nubia and in their own midst. In fact, at one point, their writings record a law that forbade Blacks from entering their country at all.”

An overview of these written inscriptions is highly worthwhile and devastates claims by pro-Black historians, who, in an attempt to distort the historical record, claim that the ancient Egyptian civilization was Black at it’s racial origin. Check out “History of Egypt, from the Earliest Times to the Persian Conquest”, Second Edition, 1909 – for anyone interested in a detailed overview, based on original Egyptian sources, this book is well worth reading. All the writings quoted below have been extracted from the book and are based on original Egyptian records.

“The final conquest of Nubia was attained by Sesostris III in 1840 BC. This king conducted four campaigns against the Blacks and erected several forts at strategic points, making Nubia a permanent colony of Egypt.

“A sandstone stela found in the sanctuary of Wadi Halfa contains an account of the Nubian expedition of Pharaoh Sesostris I, which carried this king’s wars to their southernmost limits. At the top of this stela there is a relief showing Sesostris I standing facing the Lord of Thebes, who says:

“‘I have brought for thee all countries which are in Nubia, beneath thy feet.”
“The god then gives to the king a line of bound captives, symbolizing Nubian towns.”
“The inscription of Prince Amenim, which is carved into the stone in the doorway of his cliff-tomb in Benihasin, describes the Black lands as “vile.” It reads as follows (“Kush” was one of the Black lands, Kush/Cush was the land that Zipporah, Moses’s rejected “wife” came from.):
“‘I passed Kush sailing southward, … then his majesty returned in safety having overthrown his enemies in Kush the vile.’

“The first Semneh stela inscription recounting the subjugation of Nubia by Sesostris III reads as follows:

“‘Southern boundary, made in the year 8, under the majesty of the king of Upper and Lower Egypt, Sesostris III, … in order to prevent that any Black should cross it, by water or by land, with a ship, or any herds of the Blacks; except a Black who shall come to do trading in Iken, or with a commission. Every good thing shall be done with them but without allowing a ship of the Blacks to pass by here. . .”

“The most prominent Nubian invaders set up a new kingdom, claiming to be the inheritors of the previous kingdoms, called today the 25th dynasty. This 100-year dynasty saw a number of mixed race rulers from 730 BC to 633 BC, all claiming to be pharaohs and attempting to revive some of the older practices, such as mummification.”

“The non-White “Egyptians” were however an illusion – the true White Egyptians had vanished, along with their society, and the Nubian dynasty sputtered out of its own accord. ”
Source Source

“Note also that Elisheba’s (and Smenkhkare/ Aaron of Egypt’s) line of Aaronite Priests previously showed on the last family tree graph, will eventually include the Hasmoneans, House of the Maccabees. These are the same Maccabees that were the direct ancestors of Mary Magdalene. Clearly, this makes Mary to be descended from royalty.”

Though some earlier interpreters blended the person of

Mary of Bethany with Mary Magdalene and the sinful woman of Luke 7:36-50, current scholars believe she was a different person.
We normally think of Mary Magdalene in the Bible as a demon possessed (sick or mental) woman who was very “sinful”. . .but that confusion arose from the fact that the Bible account takes from 3 Mary’s in history. It seemed to be an intentional plot to discredit the favored of Jesus, the one who was painted as feminine in this picture much closer to that time, and sitting close to Jesus, being asked about what Jesus meant, as if she was an authority.

Notice her and Jesus are always portrayed as European looking, even way back when Da vinci painted this picture? She was the real leader of the Disciples, according to the Gnostic gospels, that men out of jealousy rejected. According to the Apocrypha and the book of Mary Magdalene Jesus kissed her on the mouth, and loved her the most. And according to tradition she had married Jesus, and had his children.

Moses and Miriam’s daughter was Kiya-tasherit.

If we are to take Biblical history for even half truth, we need to consider that when it says that Jesus was the son of David who was a son of Adam, who was a son of God, it was literally speaking of the tall men! The whole line looks like them and/or has RH-or originally O blood!

So while the first stories of the coming savior may have been allegorical of the winter solstice, (how an old sun will die, only to have it reborn), so Jesus became the fulfillment of the promise of the tall men for a fresh new start of the bloodline with Mary, from the line of David also. So a likely rh-, even if somewhat mixed up herself. Being that the tall men apparently planned him to be born on the exact day that the sun does die and get reborn: Dec, 25th, that connects every myth of the ancient world with the story of the sun being reborn. Was it just an allegory of things to come that made Jesus become the hero of all the stories before him, like Horus? Either that, or he was purely myth, and all the evidence of his existence was made up.

With the pure blood line starting at the Biblical Adam, then starting over at Noah, as I mentioned in another post of this series, with all the interbreeding that went on, as we can see, did the tall men need to seed a perfect Adam again in the womb of Mary, a direct descendant with RH- blood, for breeding purposes? In this way this next “Adam” could “redeem” Israel yet again from their sin of intermarrying with half breeds, which we can see in the dark skinned foreign woman that Jacob “married”, Solomon “married”, Moses “married”. . . The bloodline was a flop!The “sons of god” were blessing all nations, being the “salt of the earth”, and evidenced in the DNA of a lot of nations.

The Israelites were united as a single, though racially mixed kingdom, through the reign of Solomon, but for some “strange” reason, after Solomon’s death the kingdom split. One kingdom was primarily dark skinned (Israel), and one mainly light skinned (Judah), the native rulers the rest refused to stay with. It was the kingdom of David/Judah that was said to be an everlasting kingdom tied to Jesus in the Bible. This was a genetic line, not a spiritual one.

The kingdom of “Judah,” consisting of the tribes of Judah and Benjamin (1 Kings 12:21) with their capital at Jerusalem, and the kingdom of “Israel,” from then on, consisting of the other ten “lost” tribes, with their capital in Samaria.

The original Temple of Solomon in Jerusalem (just before they divided into two nations) was destroyed. Judah, including the kingly line of Daniel, was taken as slaves to Babylon. They later left there and went back to Jerusalem to reclaim it, with the support of their white kin the Romans.  The mixed ones in the area slowed the rebuilding of the temple and the wall that Nehemiah oversaw. Consequently the troublesome dark Jews were then banned from Jerusalem  by the Roman Empire. Wars have always been fought over power, seen as being only from a god or kingly line. . .but it is often the half breeds that instigate the fighting over jealousy for their wealth, or bitterness about being excluded.

There has been much confusion of the royal blood line. With a small bunch starting the different empires, and being overpowered eventually by the strong people coming from their original interbreeding with natives/slaves. Then the whites would leave, and start another empire, and the same pattern happened again!

We can trace what happened to a culture by what they took with them though.

“When the whites left [ Egypt ] they took their knowledge and wealth with them, including gold, crown jewels and the stone of destiny.” This stone and all the jewelry the “exiled” pharaoh Moses took could be why the Biblical account mentions the loot they got from Egypt. . .which would not make as much sense if the people leaving were slaves, but settlers and leaders.

“The stone they brought with them was a block of sandstone weighing 152kg. This had apparently been used as a pillow by Jacob when he had the dream reported in Genesis about Jacob’s Ladder. The stone of destiny was made into a seat on which generations of Kings. . . were crowned.”

“The legend of the Stone of Destiny goes back to the foundation myth of Scotland. In about 1400BC, an Egyptian Pharaoh had a daughter called Scota, [a contemporary of Moses if not his daughter] who married Goídel Glas [otherwise known as Gaythelosa, a king of Greece or Portugal. . .]. They were exiled from Egypt [presumably with Moses in a white flight event] and eventually settled in north west Spain.[Possibly going back to the home of their ancestors the Atlanteans?]

Their descendants later conquered Ireland and became the Scotii, who also in time came to rule Scotland.” According to the “Scotichronicon” – one of the earliest histories of Scotland written in the 1440s, there was a legend that a Greek prince called Gaythelos was banished, with his wife Scota, the daughter of an Egyptian Pharoah. He sailed westwards and landed in Spain. From there, he and his followers explored further and one of his sons, named Hiber, found an island (later called Ireland) which he named Scotia, after his mother. So Gaythelos’ name gave rise to “Gaelic”, Hiber gave rise to Hibernia and Scota gave rise to Scotia and then Scotland.

 “Edward I of England [also a direct descendant of the bloodline] stripped Scotland of all emblems of nationhood in 1296, and took the Stone of Destiny to a new home in Westminster Abbey. For the next 700 years it was to be housed in a specially-built coronation chair, on which Kings and Queens of England, then of Britain, were crowned. . . It was used in the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II in 1953.

Let’s talk more about the “King of kings” again (Jesus) and some of the events of his life, and see how it fits with my theory:

Jesus was said to be born in the time of the Roman rule. (Which fits perfectly, and he would have been of that lineage himself.) His birth was said to be predicted by “Angels” or tall men, and heralded as a special event of the “gods”. There were bright lights (space ships?) in the sky suddenly and angels/tall men announcing his birth.

There was a “star” (another space ship?) hovering over the place were he was born. Not feeling safe with a jealous king Herod in power (not as pure blooded as Jesus was foretold to be, being an Arab), his family resorted back to their noble blooded relatives in Egypt for a time.

Jesus was later mixing with the intellectuals of the time, seen as a leader, a healer, (classic of the magical o- blooded sons of gods through mythology, and even still today in the RH-.) and was suppose to save Israel from their “sin”.

We are told where Jesus came from, and it’s not just from Mary! “The Deliverer will come from Zion. the mountain of “god”.  According to legend, he had a child with Mary Magdalene, and some disciples were said to have gone with Jesus and her into hiding in Spain. . .just like the prince and princess  of Egypt went to Spain, Ireland and Scotland. Was this the RH- blooded group that first came to the Canary islands ?

Some other thoughts on Jesus : “He will banish ungodliness [literally, not looking like the gods] from Jacob” (Romans 11:25-26 RSV) Clearly, not being “godly” would have been synonymous with not looking like the gods, going at least as far back as Babel, when all the confusion started! So obviously they needed a fresh start. . .in Jesus, the “Savior of the world”. “
It is said that in the end he will judge the world, and separate the goats of the gentiles from the sheep of Israel. (Clearly not the Jews, or the Christians, but the whites  will be separated from the dark people, as races seem to be segregating even now.) The Bible says “All the nations will be gathered before Him, and He will separate them one from another, as a shepherd divides his sheep from the goats.” (Matthew 25:31-32)

Jesus apparently didn’t have very high thoughts of the mixed Gentiles (some would call him a racist) according to Matthew 15:22-28 “I was sent only to the lost sheep of Israel. ” “It is not right to take the children’s [Israel’s] bread and toss it to the dogs .” “Yes, Lord’ she said, ‘but even the dogs eat the crumbs that fall from their masters’ table.”
What Is Gleaning? Past, Present & Future - Food Forward Jesus was not into charity programs for the gentiles! In fact, the historical charity program of the Jews was called gleaning, and it was originally for only whites, and even done so not long back in Europe! (Dark people were included to keep the peace, just before the  integrated culture collapsed.)

Although Jesus did help the gentile woman, after a bunch of pleading, note that it is only this single Gentile who was helped. There is no other Gentile that Jesus had preached to or healed intentionally. (Although he did stop by a well outside of Samaria to get a drink and ended up talking to a gentile woman who had numerous lovers, and needed some counsel and rebuke.

 Other related statements of Jesus’s “racism” can be found in John 11:52 and John 10:16, Matthew 10:5-6. Jesus specifically commissioned his followers saying, “Go not into the way of the Gentiles, and into any city of the Samaritans enter ye not: But go rather to the lost sheep of the house of Israel.”
Samaria was the capital of the mixed tribes when they segregated themselves and refused Solomon’s son as their leader. It was bought by the Northern kingdom’s king, Omri, from Shemer. (1 King 16:24)

“Now they which were scattered abroad upon the persecution that arose about Stephen traveled as far as Phenice, and Cyprus, and Antioch, preaching the word to none but unto the Jews only.”(Acts 11:19)

“And the apostles and brethren that were in Judea heard that the Gentiles had also received the word of God. And when Peter was come up to Jerusalem, they that were of the circumcision contended with him. Saying, Thou wentest in to men uncircumcised. . .”

(Acts 11:1-3)

It is obvious in (Mathew 28:18-20), that “all nations” is misunderstood. In the Middle East, the words for “People” and “Nation” are the same word. If Jesus told his disciples to go to “all people”, or all nations, then why did he say that he “was sent only to the lost sheep of Israel”, and NOT to anyone else? The misunderstanding is often in the translation of world, which in the Bible meant the Roman civilized world, not everyone from everywhere. For example, when it said that all the world went to be taxed. . .Africa was not taxed.  So go ye into all the world, was also not referring to the uncivilized places.

It was even said by a Roman Pilate at Jesus’s trial, that he was the “king of the Jews”. And when against the will of the white Roman, Jesus was supposedly condemned to death by an angry mob, to pacify them, Pilate whipped Jesus, crucified him and much to their chagrin, put a sign over Jesus’s head that clarified, “The king of the Jews”. John 19:12-15, 19-22

When the Israelites of Judah were freed from Babylon by their relatives the Medes and the Persians, they moved back to Jerusalem. Calling themselves the Pars after their original Aryan tribal name Parsa. The Persians were an Indo-European people who were linguistically related to the Medes. At the end of the 2nd millennium BCE the Median tribes arrived in the region (one of several Iranic tribes to do so) Both groups had migrated into the Iranian plateau in the early first millennium B.C.E. The Achaemenid empire [of Persia] was not the first Iranian empire, as by sixth century BCE another group of ancient Iranic people had already established the Median Empire. According to the Histories of Herodotus.

The Medes were called anciently by all people Aryans. The Medes had originally been the dominant Iranic group in the region, rising to power at the end of the 7th century BC and incorporating the Persians into their empire.

 An alliance with the Babylonians and the Scythians helped the Medes to capture Nineveh in 612 BCE which resulted in the collapse of the Neo-Assyrian Empire.” [Did Jonah warn them, and the story have it’s base in truth?]

“In 553 BC, Cyrus the Great, King of Persia, rebelled against his grandfather, the Mede King, Astyages son of Cyaxares; he finally won a decisive victory in 550 BC. So the Medes were subjected to their close kin, the Persians.

At the height of its power after the conquest of Egypt, the empire encompassed approximately 8 million km spanning three continents: Asia, Africa and Europe. It is noted in Western history as the antagonist foe of the Greeks for emancipation of Jewish slaves from their Babylonian captivity.

The Empire’s vast size and its extraordinary ethnocultural diversity are traditionally thought to have been its undoing. The delegation of power to local governments eventually weakened the king’s central authority, causing resources to be expended in attempts to subdue local rebellions. ”

“During the period of the Neo Assyrian Empire (911-612 BC) the Medes, Persians and other Iranic peoples of northern and western Iran were subject to Assyria.  This changed during the reign of Cyaxares, who in alliance with Babylon [the Jews there] and the Scythians [?] attacked and destroyed the strife riven empire between 616 and 605 BC. ” (The term Scythian was used to refer to a variety of groups from the Black Sea to southern Siberia and central Asia.)

“The Persian empire became the first to attempt to govern many different ethnic groups, on the principle of equal responsibilities, and rights for all people, so long as subjects paid their taxes and kept the peace. Additionally, the king would agree not to interfere with the local customs, religions, and trades of its subject states. This system of management would ultimately become an issue for the Persians.”


“The Persian Empire lasted from 550-330 BCE
Alexander the Great is considered the “last of the Achaemenids. (or Persian leaders) This is partly because Alexander maintained more or less the same political structure. . .”


As a result of his tolerant policies [and because of his pure bloodline no doubt], he came to be known by those of the Jewish faith, as “the anointed of the Lord.” His conquest of Babylon in the Cyrus Cylinder was said to be because the last Chaldean king, Nabonidus, was the enemy of “Marduk”, the God of Babylon. [One of the tall men] He was said to be an incompetent ruler who fell out of favor with the gods. The god Marduk looked for a king to replace him, according to the text, and found Cyrus. (Also apparently known as Cyrus II) In the taking of Babylon, God was said to have been with Cyrus, and he claimed it without a fight.

Cyrus’ had a son Cambyses II who’s major achievement was the conquest of the black run, waning Egyptian Empire.

“As reports of mistreatment caused by Amasis, the “non-native” Pharaoh of Egypt, were given by Phanes of Halicarnassus, a wise council man serving Amasis, it further enforced Cambyses’s resolve to venture into Egypt. Cambyses II decided to face him, but Amasis died before he could in 525 BCE, . ”

“We first know of Amasis as a general under Psammetikhos I, a general in the Egyptian army. He was sent to put down the revolt of the machimoi (the non-native Egyptian soldiers), but instead the soldiers proclaimed him as Pharaoh.  source

While Cambyses II was in Egypt, a man named Gaumata, called a Magi, ascended the throne.[The later Medes had an Ancient Iranian Religion also had a priesthood named as “Magi”. It was a sort of sacred caste, which ministered to the spiritual needs of the Medes. Translators often translated the Hebrew original magoi as “wise men” in English. In other languages the word “magoi” meant Persian priest. (Both of which would have been associated with the white Jews of the time.

 Three explanations of the magi have been proposed over the years:

  • The first is that magi were leaders of a non-Jewish Middle Eastern religion, Zoroastrian priests, from Persia.
  • The second, with a bow to the attention that Matthew gives to the unusually bright star that they followed, is that they were Chaldean astrologers from Babylonia, modern Iraq.
  • The third explanation is that magi were merchant Israelite princes from northern Arabia. A good case also can be made for the merchant princes because in the gospel of Matthew he mentions gifts of gold and spices that were available along the great trade route through those lands.

Eastern Christians’ tradition holds that 12 magi were traveling in a caravan. The Western Christian idea . . . that there were just three magi, may have evolved from Matthew’s mentioning just three gifts. The narrative of the magi visitation corresponds to a pilgrimage of the nations to Israel prophesied by Isaiah Chapter 2:2-5; Micah Chapter 4:l-4. It seems pretty clear that the Magi were on a mission to find an Israelite king, and the royal blood, and the lights led them to the son of the gods.

We see some connection with the Persians to the rest of the world after this, via a road system called the “Silk road.” “The Tocharians, living along the Silk Road, had contacts with the Chinese, Persians, Indian and Turkic tribes. Tocharians were “Indo-Iranian”[European]. The Tocharian mummies proved to belong to the very same population who spread haplogroup R1a1 all over Eurasia, from western Norway to Mongolia.

There is an ancient link between BOTH the Etruscans and the Tocharians – and the most ancient population of the present Europeans. Mythically the Etruscans are originating from “Troy”.[Which use to be put in the realm of myth, with Atlantis, but has now been shown to be true history.]

DNA evidence says that Tokarian was not like “Indo-Iranian”, but “European”. [Some have redefined “Indo-Iranian”, as “European” now though, and both meaning of Israelite origin.]

“Both modern and ancient sources are (now) describing them as blond-haired and blue-eyed. Their clothes and their weaving patterns were European – identical to the style (“fashion”?!), the coloring AND the weaving techniques known from the “Nordic Bronze Age” cultures in Northern Europe. Some references say they wore Kilts, had tartan-patterned clothing and “witch’s hats” – yet another parallel from what appear in the European bronze-age culture.”

“The Tocharian language shares commonalities with all other Indo-European languages.”


“In the late 1980’s, perfectly preserved 3000-year-old mummies began appearing in a remote Chinese desert. They had long reddish-blond hair, European features and didn’t appear to be the ancestors of modern-day Chinese people. Archaeologists now think they have been the citizens of an “ancient civilization” that existed between China and Europe.

The presence of an ancient genetic substratum of European origin in West Asia may be related to the discovery of ancient mummies with European features in Xinjiang and to the existence of an extinct Indo-European language, Tocharian. This study demonstrates the usefulness of the ancient DNA in unravelling complex patterns of past human migrations so as to help decipher the origin of present-day admixed populations.”


“The similarity between the genetic structures of the 2,500-year-old Linzi population and the present-day European populations indicates that there was a genetic shift in the Linzi area from a European-like population to a population more like those found in present-day east Asia, probably caused by migration.”

Also the Japanese people show a similar founding effect. Source

Some of India’s population also came from European origins.

“A major wave of humans entered India through the northeast; Indo-Aryan peoples are an Indo-European  group united as native speakers of the Indo-Aryan branch of the family of Indo-European languages. Today, there are over one billion native speakers of Indo-Aryan languages, most of them native to South Asia. the upper castes show closer genetic affinities with Central Asian populations, although those of southern India are more distant than those of northern India. “a substantial part of today’s North Indian paternal gene pool was contributed by Central Asian lineages who are Indo-European speakers, suggesting that extant Indian caste groups are primarily the descendants of Indo-European migrants.” the modern Indian population is a result of admixture between Indo-European (ANI) and Dravidian (ASI) populations. . .Recent research indicates a massive admixture event between the populations 3500 to 1200 years ago.”

There also seems to be a “master race” responsible for those in North America.

” Modern Indians (both Indo-Aryan and Dravidian groups) are a hybrid population descending from two post-Neolithic, genetically divergent populations referred to as the ‘Ancestral North Indians’ and the ‘Ancestral South Indians’. According to the study, Andamanese are an ASI-related group without ANI ancestry, showing that the peopling of the islands must have occurred before ANI-ASI gene flow on the mainland. ANI-ASI admixture happened some 1,200-3,500 years ago, which roughly coincides with the Indo-Aryan conquest of the Indian subcontinent.

The geneticist L.L. Cavalli-Sforza of Stanford, based on work done in the 1980s, classified Indians as being genetically Caucasian. She theorized that Indians are about three times closer to West Europeans than to East Asians. More recently, other geneticists, such as Lynn B. Jorde and Stephen P. Wooding, demonstrated that South Indians are genetic intermediaries between Europeans and East Asians.”

Some American Indian tribes also have a high percentage of Rh-. The American Indians had the tradition of making “blood brothers”, if they thought they were worthy. Could this tradition have been for a reason? Could they have actually been checking to see if they were blood brothers (the same type blood)? The clumping (agglutination) that occurs when Rh positive and Rh negative blood are mixed is visible to the naked eye. Could they have been told, by their ancestors, that their blood was different from that of the rest of mankind scattered throughout the earth? Indian traditions nearly all declare that their ancestors were of cosmic origin, just as those in Sumer said. The Indian totem pole is actually a family genealogy they say.

So to recap. The O- blood is pure; adding an A or B or a RH+ monkey gene factor makes it impure. The A and B blood types came about around 20 million years ago, but the O we only see around 30,000 years ago, with the Neanderthals, whom we also know to be red haired and blond and white skinned. It is said that all homo sapiens came from the O- originally, but yet how could that be?

The RH- also seemed to start with the Neanderthals, and yet they say that we all came from monkeys before that. . .how can a pure O- blood come out of an impure A or B, without turning it O+ or at least recessive for A or B? It is illogical! Thus scientists have to say it had “unknown origins”, or not of this world. (As it has not been found anywhere else on this planet.)

So this RH- gene starting around the Neanderthals, goes through to the pharaohs, to the Babylonian kings, then the Assyrians, Romans, the Medes and Persians, Sythians and interbreeding with the rest of the world mostly via the silk road.
With the European kings and queens following the truest bloodline from Sumer to Jesus, if he even exists. His descendants would be found in the original Spanish, Irish and Scottish, then English kings and Queens. Other white branches were found in the Germans, nordic people and spreading elsewhere. The whites and mixed people even are the elite that are ruling the world to this day. Are you a relative of theirs, a true “son of God”? Or are you a bastard child? Are you following history of a master race, or an evolved belief about them as the culture’s gods?

Whatever the case, Christianity is a misunderstood religion when you actually understand the history of the language, and how the words we base everything on were really in reference to  red and blond haired, white, blue and green eyed, tall people. These guys may have been the origin of us and/or created us, but they are themselves evolved, but on a much older planet (s).
 Evolution would work to make man, given enough time in the right environment. . .but that still wouldn’t explain the RH- and other characteristics, foreign to the planet. Unless you can think of a loop hole I’m missing, it seems illogical to say religion is fully right, or a monkey origin is fully right. In a way though, they both are, just for different “people” or species.

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