Variety is the spice of life, part 9

So as I previously noted, the true translation of “Angels” is interchangeable with “gods”, and it was only shortened to “God” in the Bible because of an obvious mistranslation of the Hebrew word Elohim, the plural of god. . . as well as other overt mistakes.

Throughout this series we discussed first about the blood type, and looks of the original gods of old, some believed to even be “the children of God.” We traced these characteristics and blood back to the Neanderthals, and forward to the present European kings, and every US president, as well as many of the elite. . . We looked at the myths connected with them, and made sense out of the evolved beliefs.

In a language study of the names of God, we can find that most references of God can be traced to a “Pagan” god from the past, like Marduk/Baal or many gods all put into one, with a generic term like the Annunaki.

As for Satan, he was completely invented from a term. Every reference to him was based on a presumption of a reference to a verb in the Old testament, because of the invention of a wicked Angel in between the Old and new Testament time. The term simply means an adversary and is actually used in reference to God or an Angel following his orders in places, leading some Satanists to call Satan God and vise versa.

We also discussed how it was common at one time for the gods to live on a mountain. As one example of this, we see in the Bible that the law was given to Moses on a mountain. The rest of the common people were instructed not to get near it or they should be stoned! Was that meaning from the violent earthquake, wind, or intentional stoning though I wonder. . .in other words, was it a threat, or a promise?

The point of interest to me in that story is not the law, or the stoning, but that the mountain shakes, there is a great wind, and a fire when God is there the Bible says. Does he, and/or the gods, live there in that fire and quaking I wonder?

Could it be that by the time of Moses they did not live in the mountaintops full-time anymore? Were they simply just popping in and out to check in with their children in their spaceship I wonder? A spaceship would certainly cause shaking and fire if it was anything like a space ship today. . .

This Victory Stele of Naram-Sin, Babylon, c.2200 BC to the right shows what could have been a depiction of a spaceship/UFO’s landing on a mountain.

Don’t think “God” had a spaceship? Well, there is a whole lot of evidence from cave paintings even from the start of civilization that the gods did have them. . .even in the days of Moses.

As all the gods names in the ancient texts originated from the more original gods called “ilu”, or the “tall men”, who were translated as the Annanaki in the Sumerian text, it stands to reason that all the gods had the same knowledge and technology too.

Sadly, by the time of the later Egyptians, that knowledge was long lost apparently. Nonetheless, there was an account of one of the most famous pharaohs confirming that he was visited by not only one, but many “UFO’s”.

The Tulli Papyrus named after professor Alberto Tulli, former director of the Vatican Egyptian Museum is considered an evidence of visitors from outer space to Egypt.


  “One winter morning around the year 1,482 B.C. Thutmose III first saw a ‘UFO’…. Described as;

” A CIRCLE of FIRE”, emitted no sound, it had no voice’, according to inscriptions. After some days had passed, these things became more numerous in the skies than ever. “Were extremely bright or more…than the brightness of the sun, and were relatively small about 16′ in diameter. Thutmose III was taken aboard and flew up to the sky and learned the secrets of Heaven.”

(This “abduction” would not be surprising at all,  as those who typically do get abducted are of the RH- bloodline.)

Another place states:

“…..among the papers of the late Professor Alberto Tulli, former Director of the Egyptian section of the Vatican Museum. It is a fragment from the Royal Annals of Thuthmosis III (circa 1504-1450 B.C.) and when translated reads as follows:

“In the year 22, in the third month of winter, in the sixth hour of the day, the scribes of the House of Life noticed a circle of fire that was coming from the sky […] From the mouth it emitted a foul breath. It had no head. Its body was one rod long and one rod wide.  It had no voice. And from that the hearts of the scribes became confused and they threw themselves down on their bellies […] then they reported the thing to the Pharaoh […] His Majesty ordered […] has been examined […] and he was meditating on what had happened, that it was recorded in the scrolls of the House of the Life.” 

“Now after some days had passed, these things became more and more numerous in the skies. Their splendor exceeded that of the sun and extended to the limits of the four angles of the sky […] High and wide in the sky was the position from which these fire circles came and went. The army of the Pharaoh looked on with him in their midst.”

“It was after supper. Then these fire circles ascended higher into the sky and they headed toward the south. Fish and birds then fell from the sky. A marvel never before known since the foundation of their land […] And Pharaoh caused incense to be brought to make peace with Earth and what happened was ordered to be written in the Annals of the House of Life so that it be remembered for all time forward.”

There is some debate as to the authenticity of the Tulli Papyrus. The papyrus is no longer in existence but the one who translated it from the original had the best credentials to do so, and had no reason to ruin his good reputation by lying about it. For more on the debate and the evidence, check out this site here.

In addition to the findings in the Tulli Papyrus, strange hieroglyphics were found in the Temple of Osiris in Abydos, Egypt that are 3000 years old,. These strange symbols depict technologically advanced transportation. From a helicopter to a submarine, planes, a submarine and even a flying saucer, these glyphs provide more proof of alien encounters .


It has long been speculated that the 3 pyramids in Giza were built by aliens, or the ancient “gods”. This was evidenced by their workmanship and uniqueness to the later pyramids after the “age of the gods”.

Giza, Pyramids of

When Dr. Ala Shaheen, a member of the Archaeology Department at Cairo University was asked whether the Pyramids of Giza contained alien technology (even possibly a UFO within), Dr. Shaheen replied, “I cannot confirm or deny this, but there is something inside the pyramid that is ‘not of this world.'”

There are a lot of “myths” legends and prophecies surrounding the Sphinx and Giza pyramids, one of the more interesting ones states the Sphinx as being the entrance to a “subterranean passage” that some speculate goes into the hollow earth. I guess after studying the evidence for the hollow earth,  nothing would surprise me anymore. “Truth is stranger then fiction.” Not only did the alignment of the pyramids point to a perfect north, perhaps pointing to the opening of the hollow earth, but the pyramids were originally covered with casing stones that “reflected the sun’s light and made the pyramid shine like a jewel. It has been calculated that the original casing stones would act like gigantic mirrors and reflect light so powerful that it would be visible from the moon as a shining star on earth. Appropriately, the ancient Egyptians called the Great Pyramid “Ikhet”, meaning the “Glorious Light”. ”


There have been UFO “sightings” in many countries, and in every great civilization as well, down thru time.

Getting away from conspiracy theories though, (although, believe me, there is a whole lot more  evidence I could bring up if you had many days to read it all. . .) let’s get into the Angels transportation, otherwise translated as “God” in places in the Bible.

When we see “Angels” appear in the Bible, (also translated “sons of god” or the “tall men” which originated in the ancient aliens, otherwise called the Annanaki ) they were often seen either with wings depicting flight or in “fiery chariots” in the sky . Could these flying or fiery chariots have really been space ships? We hear of these “gods” coming down from Heaven, but often the method of travel is just glazed over.

Like in the case of the book of Enoch, which describes these “children of heaven” as “descended in the days of Jared on the summit of Mount Hermon,” which seems to imply that they came from the sky and landed on the mountain, being obviously a lower elevation if they “descended”. . .but not how they traveled.

In the book of Enoch, he was also “taken up” with the gods somehow. After being shown much. . .he was returned to earth unharmed, just as the previously mentioned Pharaoh was.
 The Bible also talks of people like Elijah  being “taken up” (including a short mention of Enoch) or as we’d say now, they were “abducted”, sometimes never to be seen again after being “taken to Heaven” in one of these “flaming chariots”. (Generally by choice.)

 According to the Bible, examples of these “abductions” where they were permanently “taken” were: Enoch, Elijah,  possibly Moses and Jesus! Although, according to the book of Enoch, he did come back, and wrote extensively of the alien abduction. . .check it out! It’s no wonder the church left that book out of the canon, as it changes the meaning of the evolved and fantastical understanding of the God of the Bible completely!


Actually there are hundreds of references to the alien crafts or technology in the Bible! There was a book and website based on the connection between the Bible and UFOs that was very interesting to me, and would make a great read for those questioning Christianity in the crowd. Check it out here Also, for those who like it short and visual, like me, there is a great video on the many verses in the Bible in reference to: spaceships, astronauts and robots in the Bible. Check it out here!

Depending upon religion and geography, the gods in these chariots in the sky were described with many terms.

“According to the mythical tales those who originally arrived in Ireland, (later known as gods) arrived by air. These people probably looked like their female war-leader Eriu, who’s description indicates tall attractive people with pale skin, high foreheads, long red hair and large blue eyes. Other descriptions of the people indicate blonde, golden hair with blue eyes.”

(Their description is of consequence as that is the description of the gods in every culture down through history. Those of their bloodline, and consequently with their looks, were believed to be the “chosen people”, or the “children of god” because of their connection to the gods of the past through. . .down to the kings and the elite today)

Back to the aliens technology though:

These Aliens/gods space ships were stunning no doubt, but besides that it is said that, “their architecture is a marvel in mathematics and engineering. Music is their principal Magic – by manipulating sound waves (Harmonics) to  lift and move massive sized objects- possibly even planets. Their megaliths served a variety of functions ie. geodetic markers, recorders of mathematical measurements, observatories, and military strongholds. Everything about them is simultaneously simple, but complex. Their graphics communicate on at least three levels at the same time, being pictorial, mathematical and verbal. The verbal also communicate on at least two levels at one time almost invariably incorporating puns and double entendres.”

With such technology and superiority  you might wonder, as I mentioned at the end of my last post, why the aliens have stayed hidden for so long? Well, perhaps they felt that our culture wasn’t ready for the knowledge of spaceships and aliens quite yet.  Or maybe they were content with how their role has evolved as unseen but ever watching “gods”. . .at least as long as they were able to control the affairs of man from afar through a connection with the purest bloodline the kings and elite who were always in power.

On the other hand, maybe they no longer want to stay hidden, and uninvolved. . .maybe because their bloodline/creation has stopped listening to them, and have gotten arrogant and corrupted by power and greed, or maybe as they are becoming weak through their empathy. Who knows if or why they are intentionally quiet! They do seem to be bringing more attention to themselves by flying in public, as well as sending messages to both large groups (i.e. crop circles) and small, with the abductions of many individuals from the bloodline of the gods.

“Throughout the ancient records, there are instances of flying gods, in almost every culture, in every part of the world and throughout the ages. UFOs are one of the most popular topics on the internet.”

One time one dropped in over the pentagon!

“During our Independence day, July 4th, 1952 they (the aliens in their ships) took part in the famous UFO airshow over Washington D.C.flying in formation for Congress, the Pentagon, President, and national PRESS over the White House! This sighting made international newspaper headlines and the six o’clock national television news! The incident was widely believed by the public until our government hired the prominent astronomer Menzel to invent a hoax explaining away the sighting. . . The disinformation released to the PRESS to hide the truth was that the UFOs flying in triangular formations were a “temperature inversion”, a weather atmospheric illusion of light reflections caused by air of different temperatures in layers with clouds.”

“If this was the case, why did the Air Force panic and send up jet fighter aircraft to chase and try to intercept a temperature inversion? “How can a temperature inversion fly in perfect triangular formation at supersonic speeds, dodge and out-maneuver chasing jets and make 90 degree angle high speed turns?, Click here to see photos of space ships and newspaper report In dealing with UFOs, this site comments on the governments approach to this story:

“The almost comical approach by the government is alarmin

g and any intelligent person can see that their standard “official” explanations are insulting. Even more insulting, believers, persuaded by an unending flow of solid proof of an unearthly presence, are labeled as everything from mildly paranoid to mentally incompetent.”

  “This scenario is typical of a mass urban sighting. A large, glowing, and spinning object in the sky knocks out power for miles. It is seen by hundreds of civilians, chased for miles by police officers, and tracked by military and civilian air controllers. It is pursued by military jets, buzzes commercial planes, and suddenly takes of into deep space at speeds even military pilots can’t calculate or match. The civilians testify, the police officers and their radio recordings witness the chase. Radar documentation and control tower transmissions verify the aerial activity. Even

video recordings have captured the action. And, to all this, the official explanation is always predictable. Take your pick; swamp gas, out of control weather balloons, meteors or the favorite, the planet Venus. No matter how much proof exists, or how loud the public clamors for investigation, they pump out their cookie-cutter press releases and retire to their bunkers. This is clearly deception. . . there is a conspiracy of silence permeating the whole of society.”

 There is a good representation of the mass blindness and even fear and hysteria that some have over the knowledge of aliens in the series “Dr Who”, and I think many today would still react in denial or shock, because of the conditioning by those in control. . .why would they fight so hard against this knowledge of the Aliens? Take this scenario of an invading fleet of spaceships to illustrate:

“If the commander of this fleet tells the powers that be that he comes with the expressed intent of overthrowing all human established authority and will take total control of the planet immediately, will that fleet be welcomed with open arms? If this commander says he will not negotiate and will crush any resistance to the imposition of his absolute authority, will the armies of this world drop their weapons and sheepishly submit? And, if he

Rapture Or Mass Alien Abduction? Be Ready For What's Coming! - YouTube |  Alien abduction, 11th grade english, Rapture

threatens to melt the flesh off the bones of those who oppose his takeover, will the world’s rich and powerful elite relinquish their power, give up their status and be willing see their wealth vaporize? Of course not!
And that is exactly what the Bible says will happen. The Biblical text says Jesus will return and mankind will fight him. Why? Could the key be because they won’t know him as a high tech alien, when they are expecting an old fashioned bearded man in a cloud?”That is a very evolved belief. This is more how it was depicted.10 Historical Paintings That Prove Aliens Have Already Visited Us In The  Past


While those close to the pure bloodline would have already suspected that they don’t quite fit in with this world, unfortunately, the world’s religions have twisted the ancient knowledge of the “Gods” into such a mess, that the foretold coming (or “second coming”) of these gods ) will not be recognized for what they are, a mass alien “abduction”! (Of course, if you still don’t believe Jesus is an Alien, you need to check out this great video full of Bible quotes that prove that he was an admitted Alien. Check it out here.)

Many of the bloodline of the gods will be siding with the “beasts” that fight them in the end times, as they are even now fighting against the knowledge that would benefit them most ! This knowledge of the coming “abduction” to be taken home is suppose to make “the children of God” happy, but it is predictable that many of the elite will twist the truth, as they already have, and thus trick the gullible into fighting the

Pin on SPACE, UFO'S, AND ANOMOLIESalien gods for them, in order to retain their power. They will use many of us as their pawns. I for one will not be one of those gullible and doomed pawns of the government! “Christian” or not,  I believe I’m a”child of God”,  I am white with blond hair and hazel eyes. I fully intend to put up the white flag during the rapture and happily go with the Alien Jesus, if he and his fellow “Angels” so choose to take me.

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