Where did the Black Jews come from?

Where did the confusion come in?

Well, we know now (through DNA) that most of the Nigerians and Ethiopians and most others outside of Sub Sahara Africa have some white/European in them (coming out recessively in these occasional white kids from black parents, that National Geographic uses to promote their egalitarian agenda).

In fact , we can see the genetic connection the Africans have to the Caucasoid/or European line in many different physical characteristics. Originally and seen to this day, the steriotypical black characteristics in the jaw, scull, teeth, eyes, nose, neck, arms, torso and legs are instead showing characteristically white characteristics.

You might think that they would have some oral tradition about when that obvious mixing happened. . .and in fact they do. Ethiopians believe they are descendants of Israelite tribes who came to Ethiopia with Menelik I, alleged to be the son of King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba. . .The legend relates that Menelik, as an adult, returned to his father in Jerusalem, and then resettled in Ethiopia, after he (to use my grandma’s favorite word) “swiped” or pilfered the Ark of the Covenant in the dead of night.

In the Bible there is no mention that the Queen of Sheba either married or had any sexual relations with King Solomon (although some identify her with the “black and beautiful” woman in Song of Solomon 1:5); rather, the narrative records that she was impressed with his wealth and wisdom, and they exchanged “gifts”, and then she returned to rule her people in Kush. However, the “gifts” are interpreted by some as sexuality.

King Solomon in Song of Solomon 5:10 was said to be “White and ruddy” while a black lover said she was “Black, BUT COMELY”, as if to say, I am the exceptional black person, and not ugly. “Comely” was seen as being fair or attractive, but all were synonymous with certain looks, no matter the color of skin. . .just as they are today. Some might equate or define this look by the golden ratio and being (what we call) “a 10” or close to it.

The song of Solomon even goes on to say that this attractive black woman had a father who’s sons (presumably white) sent her off to work in the fields like a slave. It sounds like she was an illegitimate child of a white slave owner. The song further suggests that Solomon met his black lover while walking alone in the countryside or vinyard. . .not in the high society he was use to as a king.

The Bible goes on to say that Solomon had many “strange” also translated “foreign” wives. . .who were said to be “his undoing.” He took 1000 Gentile or “foreign” wives in all and his marriages to them are described as  “evil in the sight of the Lord” (1st Kings 11:6).

While his first relationship with a dark woman was seemingly out of love with no doubt some shared genes from being biracial, with an exotic look, the rest of Solomon’s “marriages” appeared to be out of a soft heart, or being a good diplomat. I would bet that they were in name only and to make political alliances with the dark nations. If it were all about his high sex drive, as is often presumed, why is it that we never hear about Solomon’s thousands of children? In fact, other than a miscarried child, he only had one legitimate son and 2 daughters!

The one child he had with the black queen of Sheba was not considered kingly material in the kingdom, thus not legitimate and he returned to Ethiopia as rejected royalty, a bastard bloodline.

The Bible says that Jacob also had numerous illegitimate children with his wive’s,  presumably biracial black servants. Check it out in Gen 30.

Leah and Rebekah, the legitimate wives of Jacob were daughters of Laban, who was the brother of Rebekah, Isaac’s wife and Jacob’smother. So Jacob and his wives were cousins, a common practice among the royals and Jews later as well as from the start.
Laban, the cousin wives father, means “white” BTW, and his daughter was called “fair”. . .generally also understood as white skinned. Leah, as far back as Michaelangelo was still shown as white.

 The wives of Jacob said about their half sisters, their black “handmaids” “go in to her, and she will bear a child on my knees, that I also may have children by her. Much like Sarah gave Hagar to Abraham in a surrogate-mother type arrangement (Genesis 16), Rachel gave her maid Bilhah to Jacob and Rachael gave her maid Zilpah to Jacob. “On my knees” refers to the custom where the husband impregnated the surrogate while the surrogate reclined on the lap of the wife, and how she might even recline on the wife as she gave birth. The symbolism clearly showed the child was legally the child of the mother, not the surrogate, who was merely in the place of the wife in both conception and birth. The term giving the “maid as wife” did not mean that Jacob actually married them, it means Jacob did with the maids what a man should only do with his wife. . .

No doubt there are  illegitimate sons of Jacobs  claiming to be part of the family, as anyone tied into a royal family would.

Jews were those technically associated with Judah, the later kingly line. Many of the tribes refused to be ruled by that line though and broke off of and segregated from them, being instead known as the kingdom of Israel.

At Jacob there was an obvious change of bloodlines for his 4 biracial sons, Gad, Asher,, Dan and Nephtali, who became tribes. From their youth they were already a rowdy and aggressive bunch towards the rightful heirs. (So designated by color and the top heir by birth order from the favored wife, and shown by the so called “coat of many colors”, a traditional coat worn to show he was the chosen heir that got the farm and a double portion from the rest.)

Later these jealous and illegitimate sons became the main instigators of the break in the kingdom of Judah and Israel. From that time on there has been confusion as to what the original Jews, or Israelites looked like. Yet the kingly line of the legitimate heirs was not mixed, and can be traced from the time of Sumer to the kings and Queens of Egypt, England, Scotland. . .and the American presidents. Most of them even having the same blood factor! (RH-) That is rare in black people, but the most mixed sometimes have the recessive and mixed type. . .like Obama does. Pure blacks do not have it at all I have concluded.

The vast majority of the Bible being written to the Jews of the kingly line, it is very important to know who were the original Jews, and who were “grafted in” gentiles, that is IF you place any importance in the Bible or the Torah.

Back to Africa though, each and every one of the languages, and tribes in Nigeria originally come from the Nupe people. Including the Ibibio, Ijo, Idoma, Igala, Ekoi as well as the Igbo people.


The main tribe in Nigeria is Igbo and has an oral tradition of being mixed with a Jewish/hebrew ancestor, or claiming they are. In fact when Europeans first saw them, and they said who they were, (no doubt seeking a common ground, and bragging), they said what was translated by the whites as the “Heeboe”, or “Eboe” people. What they were alledgedly trying to get across is that they were Hebrews. Eboe was later shortened to Igbo.

According to the Igbos,

“The son of. . . Jacob, [was] Gad and I learned that he was among those people who went out of Israel to exile. . .So from there he had a son called Eri and a son gave birth to a son called Aguleri and that’s how the Igbo race began.” Gad was the son of the dark servant Zilpah.

They believe they are descendants of one of  the so called “lost tribes of Israel.” (In the eighth century B.C. the northern kingdom of Israel was conquered, and the rebellious 10 tribes that refused to be led by the kingly white Jewish line were forced into exile and slavery.)


From generation to generation, some Igbo have passed down various versions of a migration story, framed around Jacob, a patriarch of Judaism.  Igbo-Jewish identity can be traced back to the 18th century, which is around 3,700 -4,000 years ago. The time of Jacob is that same era, Bible scholars believe.

The term “red-igbo” was slang at the time of the slave trade for the lighter skinned igbo people. (Lighter to this day.) And it is still used by the people in Jamaica who came from that area, and kept a lot of their culture. The term later evolved into “Redbone”. . .which is still used in black culture in America to mean a mixed person.

“It is quite known that the Igbo people are success-oriented people who have a penchant for hardwork, success, education and achievement. They are known to be well-traveled, often traveling to distant places where they make good living for themselves. They are also known to be business-minded, financially savvy and determined, taking pride in what they do and often distinguishing themselves in what ever field endeavor they find themselves in.”


Less violence is always equated with less black genes, and more intelligence is always equated with more white genes, so not shockingly the Nigerian, stemming from the Ethiopians, being the mixed Igbo tribe was the elite, and wealthy of Africa. To this day they also have the highest IQ in Africa at 90.

Sadly, just intelligence rarely dominates for long when you are the minority in a violent and primitive culture, so the lower IQ blacks eventually started to attack the Igbos out of jealousy, committing a genocide where millions died, in the Nigeria vs. Biafa (Igbo’s) war in 1967-1970. At that time the Igbo’s demanded their own space from the rest of the Africans, and tried to start their own country in Africa called “Baifa”. A desire for segregation is a hallmark of independence,  pacifism and intelligence. . .

Haiti, originally started by the same people, who recognized Baifa as a state in 1969, and to this day have a song celebrating their nations ancestry from those of Igbo blood called Ibo lele. (Watch tears of the Sun documentary for more on this if you have the stomach for watching the slaughter and starvation of the lighter skinned Ogbo’s.) Source

Haiti is one exception out of Africa where the Igbo people likely still dominate from the time after the slave trade.   “Haiti does offer one example of the African people left to themselves in the New World. Today, it is the only all African nation in the Western Hemisphere.”


Half a million slaves laboured on Haiti, a land owned by 30,000 Whites and as many mulattos. They out-numbered the Whites more than ten to one overall, and over 100 to one on the plantations.

A third of all White babies surcummed to “jaw-sickness”, an affliction affecting only the slave owners babies and transmitted by slave midwives. Aside from obvious jealousy or revenge, the motive was often economic. If more than one of the owner’s sons survived to inherit, an estate would be broken up and slave families with it.

The Blacks that hadn’t fled their plantation felt it worth losing sleep to ceremonially drum and chant at night:

Eh! Eh! Bomba! Heu! Heu!

Canga, bafio te!

Canga, moune de le!

Canga, do ki la!

Canga, li

(We swear to destroy the whites and all that they possess; let us die rather than fail to keep this vow.)

The Jaw sickness was the black midwives breaking the white babies jaws so they couldn’t nurse and would die.

Rather than staying on to sabotage the plantation in this way though, some Igbo chose to resist and protest slavery by running away. Some runaways didn’t run far, hovering around the edges of their plantation so their families could feed them, whereas others hid alone, leading a hand-to-mouth existence until recaptured by the slave-hunters.

In the late 1700’s, the black population (mostly slave, some freemen) being embolden by the white slave owners who revolted against their king over taxes, staged a similar revolt against their white rulers. (Except a much more violent revolt, as blacks are prone to being more aggressive, due to higher testosterone levels.)

The colored population hunted down the white population, as if they were wild beasts. Without exception, all white men, women, and children in Haiti were murdered. The battle flag that the Haitians used was a white baby, impaled on a spear. “With the war cry of “Vengeance! Vengeance!”, Jean Jacques Dessalines carried a White child impaled on a pike before him as a battle standard.”

“As in all insurrections which attack constituted authority, it was not the avowed chiefs who gave the signals for revolt but obscure creatures for the greater part, personal enemies of the coloured [mixed] generals.”

In an effort to pacify the sympathizing and mixed generals and stop the riots, the whites eventually ran up the ironically named “white flag” and proposed the declaration of independence for Haiti on 31st December 1803.  The leader Dessalines (no doubt an Igbo African) reluctantly agreed to it but at the time said:

“This doesn’t say what we really feel. For our declaration of independence, we should have the skin of a blanc [white man] for parchment, his skull for inkwell, his blood for ink, and a bayonet for pen!”

Dessalines signed anyway, becoming the first ruler of independent Haiti. Dessalines issued a further proclamation banning any foreigner from owning any land or business in Haiti. Blackness became a precondition for citizenship of Haiti. This is the reason that today it is the way it is. . .in fact most, if not all of Africa now has the rule of being black or married to one in order to be a citizen.

Though Haiti is a very fertile land, which under colonialism produced many crops that were exported to America and the world,  feeding it’s locals abundantly, “today it has to import 60 per cent of the food it needs, including as much as 80 per cent of the rice it consumes. Food insecurity and hunger are chronic issues in Haiti, which is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere and the second most densely populated. Rapid population growth and. . . economic decline linked mainly to political and social turmoil are only some of the factors that have led to dramatic poverty for most of Haiti’s people.”

Source Source

To this day the blacks of America who have made a success of themselves are mainly the Igbo’s who now choose to assimulate with, instead of fight the whites.

The Igbos also went to west Africa, as well as North African. Later of course when those mixed ones came as endentured slaves, there was naturally some attraction to whites, because of similar blood, and behavior and accordingly some slave owners secretly mixed with their slaves, although culturally taboo.

If we were to go by how black woman today are attracted to white men much more then the other way around, according to dating and marriage stats, it was likely very consensual even when the men took advantage of their status.

60% of  African Americans are now believed to come from at least one Igbo ancestor, and 80% of African Americans are at least 20% European.

In the United States the Igbo slaves were known for being rebellious, but not particularly stupid, as many of the other, less desirable tribes. The Igbo in fact had a high suicide rate, and often would rather jump from a ship and drown, rather then murder it’s crew members, as other tribes were known to do.

 The Arab traders found the other African tribes were just too hard to deal with. So even though the Igbos were the civil rights leaders, and suicidal, just as the biracial blacks are to this day, they were the preferred tribe to bring to America.


The Frontier Culture Museum of Virginia estimates around 38% of captives taken to Virginia were from the Igbo tribes. Igbo peoples constituted the majority of enslaved Africans in Maryland. And yes they are still there, making the most money for any black neighborhood in the nation.

Yet when we look at Maryland today, though not known for their crime, compared to other black dominated areas, they are still a crime hot spot, typical of black neighborhoods.

(If you want to save yourself the trouble of looking for demographics of race in an area, just look up crime maps. The more blacks, the higher the crime is and the more white flight happens.)

Another mixed tribe is the Tutsie tribe in Rwanda. Ever heard of the Rwanda genocide? Those killed in the genocide were the Tutsie people, who were killed no doubt out of jealousy for their power and wealth. Being smart, they were naturally the ruling class, or at least before the whites took over from them.

When the other less mixed tribe had multiplied faster, as lower IQ people are prone to do and the whites in charge took flight, as they tend to do with increased crime, the government was again left to the Tutsies to run . . . but were soon killed, no doubt out of jealousy for their power and wealth. They were a tall black people, while purer blacks are short by average.


Not often understanding genetics, racial differences or the link with success and IQ, Africans can sadly only guess at why there is such diversity in Africa. In Africa they are prone to blame “fate” for why some black people are so underprivileged and poor, while others are successful while being all the same color.

Whereas in America it is immediately claimed to be “white privilege” that makes the poor blacks apparently destroy their schools and neighborhoods and cities.


Originating from Nigeria we have another tribe called the Bantu people. Wikapedia states: “Current scholarly understanding places the ancestral proto-Bantu homeland near the southwestern modern boundary of Nigeria and Cameroon ca. 4,000 years ago.” [Note, about the same time as the mixing with Jacob.]

 These people have spread to places like the Democratic Republic of Congo, Angola, Zambia and even South Africa. Over a period of many centuries, most hunting-foraging peoples (the purer ones) were displaced and absorbed by incoming Bantu-speaking communities. . . in North Central and Eastern Africa.

Often terms for white people are confused with a nation that becomes mixed with dark people, just as “American” or “Canadian” originally meant white people to the world, but now it means any colored person. . .

So Scythian for instance was once used to refer to one family of people, but became known as a variety of people from the Black Sea to southern Siberia and central Asia. “They were not a specific people”, but rather a variety of peoples “.  The Scots claimed ancestry from the Scythians.  There is also evidence that the Scythians were the Saka who could trace their ancestry to Sumeria, the first recorded civilization.

Apparently like “Jew”, “Sythian” referred to pure whites and mixed people at different times in history, and in several places. The Bible in the New testament includes a single reference to Scythians in Colossians 3:11, immediately after mentioning “barbarians”.

Jewish historian and scholar Josephus said that Jews of that time identified the “Barbarians” as “Gog and Magog” : Alexander the Great, (Josephus said) had locked up these “barbarians”.

In the 14th-century scholar Ibn Kathir identified Gog and Magog with the Khazars, as did a Georgian tradition, which called them “wild men with hideous faces and the manners of wild beasts. . .”

Terms like “red” skinned, “Barbarians”, “gentiles”, “Gog and Magog” and Mongols were often interchangeable for biracial people.

“When the Mongols entered Poland and Hungary and annihilated [so called] Christian armies, a terrified Europe concluded that they were “Magogoli”, the offspring of Gog and Magog, released from the prison Alexander the Great had constructed for them.” Gog and Magog tribes connect to both the Khazars and Muslims, through Muhammad who came from an elite African biracial man, known as an Arab, from Ishmael. Arabs enslaved the rest of African people and sold them to whites.

Source Source

Perrizite in the Bible may have been an amalgamation of several mixed gentile groups according to historians, including Arabs, Cushites, Hittites and later the Edomites.

Back to the Bantu people though. After their movements from their original homeland in West Africa, Bantus encountered East Africa peoples of Cushitic origin. As cattle terminology still in use amongst Bantu pastoralist groups suggests, the Bantu migrants acquired cattle from their new Cushitic neighbors. Linguistic evidence also indicates that Bantus borrowed the words and customs from interactions between Bantu and Cushitic peoples,  which resulted in Bantu groups with significant Cushitic admixture and culturo-linguistic influences. If Cushites were ever white (from Cush, Noah’s son), they certainly weren’t known to be soon after! But were seen as a mixed and shunned people.

The Book of Numbers 12:1 calls the “wife” of Moses “a Cushite woman”. . .

• Cush (Kush) is an hebraic word meaning « black » and it indicates Nubia, today’s Sudan, a country mainly populated by black looking people.

The scientists say that Nubia had shown signs of being inhabited for up to a hundred thousand years, but there was no actual culture there, until the late stone age. Then it changed from a hunting and gathering (black) community, to a farming one, typical of biracial blacks.

The early Egyptians considered themselves “the only true men”, and the Nubians or Cushites in today’s Sudan were seen as only their slaves.


Moses’s wife was also called an “Ethiopian” and obviously dark, but also mixed.

 It is noted by a Professor Brested Separate that black people “had lived in the valley of the Nile for over 50,000 years B.C., living a primitive existence until the Pyramid age, when members of the Aryans came among them and the Egyptian civilization suddenly burst forth.”

The hunter gatherers intermingled with those they called “gods”, becoming the Ethiopians and working as their servants or some use the term “slaves” to build masterpieces. (Archaeology tells us they actually had fair treatment, and were paid for their services.)

 Ethiopian are also called “Beta Israel”. The term Esra’elawi (Israelites)—which is related to the name Beta Israel—is used by the Ethiopian community to refer to its members.

Both the Falashas Ethiopian Jewish tradition and legend reinforce the DNA to confirm that the Ethiopians came from mixing with the white Jews or Egyptians in ancient Egypt.

Ethiopians, Somalians and Eritreans all claim to be Hamites [from Ham]. They ARE found to have significant but not pure “Egyptian” or middle eastern lineage. And Hamites are known to be Egyptian, associated with Hebrews, who were later called Jewish.

“The Ethiopian history described in the Kebra Negast, or “Book of the Glory of Kings,” relates that Ethiopians are descendants of Israelite tribes who came to Ethiopia with Menelik I, alleged to be the son of King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba [Sheba being a city named for Sheba, a descendant of Hagar and Abraham]. . .

Egypt became a melting pot, similar to  America. By the later dynasties, in order to discourage revolt by the increasingly mixed and intelligent slave race, the white pharaohs started putting black goveners in charge of the army, who were basically cops or trained Nubian and Egyptian fighters. They were each tasked to defend a specific province of Egypt.

The Nubians finally over- run the land, got entitled and due to their influence and intermarriage with the royalty started some coups to take over. Soon due to violence and high taxation to support the Foreigners the white Egyptians were run out and moved to the Subarbs, Thebes. Multiculturism was the beginning of the end of Egypt. . . Just as it always is.

“The Ethiopian history described in the Kebra Negast, or “Book of the Glory of Kings,” relates that Ethiopians are descendants of Israelite tribes who came to Ethiopia with Menelik I, alleged to be the son of King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba [Sheba being a city named for Sheba, a descendant of Hagar and Abraham]. .

According to a study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences: North Africa’s Jews originated in biblical-era Israel. . .these Jews are so distantly related to other Jews that their community must have been founded by only a few itinerants. . . ”

“Today, more Israeli Jews are of African descent than of European descent.” In fact, 90% of so called Jews are now mixed with African genetics.

If biracial people thought they could claim only their white side, defined as such, no doubt they would, but as they can’t (based on their dark looks), they are generally content to just reject the fact that their white side was white. . .for instance claiming that the white Ashkenazi Jews were from the Khazars, and simply integrated with the Jews for religious or political reasons, not them. Unfortunately genetics proves blacks are linked to the Khazars, and Ashkenazi are not.

The fact is, those back to Adam and Noah were later called the Jews, but as they allowed the gentiles and Khazars to be “grafted in”, the term Hebrew, Israelite, Hamite, Shemite, Jew etc. means simply a partial tie to them, location, religion or genetics.

A “nation” use to mean nationality, just as an American use to mean a white man. Soon whites will be a minority (though they started America as 90% white citizens). . .and as that happens white people will be assimilated and turn brown like the middle east or South America or leave it to start a new civilization. That’s what history shows is coming, in a typical pattern.

All through history after “white flight” they left behind serviceable infrastructure, which in most cases, the Africans simply ignored, as they went back to their old way of life. They simply had no use for it, or could not handle it.

Africans have, on the other hand, lived in Sub-Saharan Africa, many, times longer than anywhere else whites have lived on Earth, giving them ample opportunities to create whatever lifestyles and civilization that they might prefer.

Yet by our modern standards, Sub-Saharan Africa is one of the most backward places on Earth – despite the efforts of White educated leaders, white elites, white doctors and white nations to “help” them catch up.

So, could it be that the Sub Saharan’s really don’t want what we call civilization.  They contentedly live in small warring family clans where rape and infidelity is normal, cannibalism is sometimes still practiced and other food they get is from foraging, hunting, and scavenging. They didn’t wear clothes and didn’t even know about “civilized” sex until the white missionaries came to show them. . .thus,”the missionary position.”

They act like monkeys even to this day in the parts of Africa that are nearly untouched by the white man. Much of this is even admitted to by smart black supremacists!

More classic black supremacists say: “the moment a Black man decides 2 lay claim 2 what is rightfully ours, here come the nay sayers…smh…FYI. The reason Blacks are in the situations they are in 2 day is because Caucasians distorted our history by white washing everything and then denying us a knowledge of self, because of fear. I’ll rewrite His-story whenever I see that it is not true. Our story is so great that every culture wants 2 claim it and deny us any contribution 2 it.”


Comments like this abound online when studying anything to do with Biblical Israelites or black people’s heritage!!

While many people don’t like to hear the truth about black Hebrews and Israelites being illegitimate and bastards (even many whites), some understand the intention here is not racism, but education.

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