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The Hebrews, Egyptians, nation of Israel, and Jews exposed!

 If you believe the Bible was written to the people from Adam and Eve, or those at the timeline and location mentioned in the Bible, as most Christian folks do, then if you have read my last post,  and if you don’t struggle with cognitive dissonance, you are  logically forced to believe that whites are those people, and the original creation tale in the Sumerian separates that story into at least two  original couples. One originating in Africa from the egg of a primate and the DNA of a god, to make a more trainable gold digging slave, and one the children of the gods.

Simply because the Bible has been presumed and somewhat mistranslated to say something else or something vague, doesn’t excuse away what we now know from science about different racial origins, one in Africa and one the middle east.

You could throw out all the Bible, or just re-examine it’s presumptuous translations, based on new evidence. We can’t simply believe it is perfect and true (not being evolved like every other ancient text), simply because it says it is perfect. . . by the very end of the evolved book. That is circular reasoning, and naive. The evidence says there were different races, and only the later one was  the “image of God” (Genesis 1:27), which the context should tell us means  is a genetic child of God, since the children of Adam in the Bible were said to be in Adam’s image.

 These children were at different times called different things. Sometimes Semites,  Hebrews, Israelites, Jews or just god’s chosen people, showing an obvious familial preference or xenophobia. (This being a love for your own and due to oxytocin and bonding, not hate for outsiders, according to science.)

These white people intermarried with the surrounding “pre-Adamic” people from the very start, and it caused some confusion about the terms, but clearly they started white.

What biblical proof is there that the Semites/Hebrews/ Israelites /Jews, etc. were white before they started mixing?

Here are some key examples:

1. “Sarah’s  skin was pure white and smooth” (Dead Sea Scroll ). While no description of Abraham is given, he is called “the father of many nations.” He was also blessed and told that his “seed” would bless many nations and inherit the land. Historically only whites were allowed to be land owners there, and that is a tradition carried on to many other lands wherever they roamed.  Only the “seed” from Sarah (Isaac) was given these promises, according to the Bible. . .that narrative got changed later with a jealous mixed man named Muhammad, a descendant of an illegitimate son Ishmael.  It claims that Ishmael was the one given the promises! The Koran was an attempt at changing history and usurping power from the kingly line.

2. Rebekah – “very fair” ( according to the Scroll of the Patriarchs – also called the 7th Dead Sea Scroll and Genesis 24:16 says she had a brother called Laban,  who’s name means “white”.)

3. Jacob. Fair skinned. Esau was apparently red at birth. Esau’s nick name was later Edom, which also meant “red”.  His descendants, called the Edomites, were a black people. The word “Chakliyl” in the Bible, translated as “red” actually means dark! Apparently, though twins, Esau was dark, while Jacob was fair. . .a rare twinning phenomenon I get into more in my book.

Genesis 25:23, the Lord tells Rebekah that the reason that the twins in her womb are struggling against one another is because they are “two nations”, or “two manner of people.” This means two races in other places of the Bible.

Rebekah was told by “God” that the “nation” (meaning race of people) from Esau would serve the “nation” from his younger brother Jacob.

There is only one scenario for this in my mind: Esau was a fraternal twin fathered by a different (colored) man. (Likely raping Rebekah.) This happens today and is pretty likely. Check out the geneticist weighing in on this situation here.

4. Rachel and Leah,  daughters of Laban, cousin of Jacob whom they both married. Half sisters to their black house servants Zilpah and Bilhah (whom were the ancestors of the 4 tribes of Gad, Asher, Dan and Naphtili. . .technically their half nephews.) The sisters were described as fair, with Leah having weak, soft or weary eyes.

According to Rabbinic interpretation, “the commentary of Rashi cites how Leah’s eyes became weak. According to this story, Leah was destined to marry Jacob’s older twin brother, Esau. In the Rabbinic mind, the two brothers are polar opposites; Jacob being a God-fearing scholar and Esau being a hunter who also indulges in idolatry and adultery. But people were saying, “Laban has two daughters and his sister, Rebekah, has two sons. The older daughter (Leah) will marry the older son (Esau), and the younger daughter (Rachel) will marry the younger son (Jacob).” Hearing this, Leah spent most of her time weeping and praying to God to change her destined mate. Thus the Torah describes her eyes as “soft” from weeping. God hearkens to Leah’s tears and prayers and allows her to marry Jacob.” (Gen.29:17) Apparently she did not want to marry a black guy.


5. Joseph, heir of the favored white wife of Jacob, Rachel, shown by the “coat of many colors”, which culturally signified the first born, legitimate heir. Many of his brothers were notedly jealous and violent towards him.  Apparently he blended in with the elite of Egypt, where his brothers sold him to. It was presumed he was no idiot from the start, as he was as a teen put in charge of the financial affairs of a wealthy man soon after going there. Though DNA tells us there were many colors in Egypt by it’s end, at most times, all the elite were still mainly white, from the line of King Tut. Joseph was not black, or he would have just been a manual worker.

After Jacob (who’s name was changed to  Israel) died in the land of Egypt, all the Hebrews and Egyptians went down to the land of Canaan to bury him (He asked his sons to bury him in the land of Canaan with his forefathers in Genesis 49).

The land of Canaan is located in what we know  now as the City of Thebes.  DNA has shown, and there is agreement among Egyptologists that the whites  who went to Thebes  were of the original line of the pharaohs, the native kings of Egypt.  They moved to Thebes in “white flight”, and then there were foreign kings temporarily reighning. . .who destroyed everything before them from the native kings, and took down their statues, changing them to look like them, just as minorities do today to destroy white history that doesn’t suit them.

It is believed that the “holy father to the two lands” Canaan and Egypt was Yuya, a wise visier of that line. It is also believed by many that he was the biblical Joseph.  He married and “Egyptian” wife Tuya, believed to be the Egyptian Asenath, Potapher’s daughter. (Gen. 41:45) Clearly Egyptian was synonamous with Isrealite/Hebrew at the time still.

We have the DNA from both Yuya and Tuya’s clearly european looking mummies. Their daughter was the queen Tiye, whose statues strangely look black, as do many other pharoahs . She was the grandmother of king Tut, who is also DNA tested to be white, and traced to up to 50% of European men on the Y chromosome!

6. Other legitimate heirs were Joseph’s sons Ephraim, Manassah,  and the other white sons of Jacob, Issachar, Reuben, Simeon and Zebulun. They all joined with the half dark brothers  Gad, Asher, Dan and Naphtili to break off of the 12 tribes of Israel and became the 10 tribes of Israel, leaving only the Son of Leah, Judah, the son of Rachel, Benjamin and some of the tribe from Levi.

In the years 722-721 BC, the Ten Tribes who comprised the northern Kingdom of Israel disappeared from history, being relocated as slaves to Assyria . The rulers of the kingly line in the Southern kingdom were afterwards known as the “Jews”  from Judah and the Levites from Levi mainly, as Benjamin basically died out in a war.

7. Moses -Moses was called a Hebrew – an Israelite from the tribe of Levi (exodus 2:1-3) who was born of Leah and Jacob. We see him described as “exceedingly fair” (Acts 7:20). If it isn’t obvious by now, the Israelites were clearly white and clearly did not accept a foreigner to be mixing with them. So when after running off to the desert and befriending a mixed black family he married an “Ethiopian” woman and had 2 children with her, she and the kids were rejected by his kin, and he sent them home to her family.

The fact that he  also blended in with the Egyptians, tells us the original elite Egyptians were all white, until they mixed.

8. David – of start of the kings, from the tribe of Judah had reddish hair (“ruddy”), and a “fair” complexion ( I Samuel 16:12 17:42).

9. Bathsheba, his wife was a daughter of Eliam, and said to be of noble birth.

10. Solomon – Son of Bathsheba and David, had blue eyes, skin white and ruddy hair like his father. (Song of Solomon).

While Solomon was said to have an affair with a bastard white/black concubine, Abishag, whom many connect with the youthful woman who’s duty it was to lie with David in his old age, not having sex, but  who was  to pass on her “animal heat and vigor”. According to Song of Solomon she was sent to work in the fields by her half (white) brothers, and may have never had any children with Solomon. His many concubines and wives, being 1000 apparently were due to  him being a diplomat, as his sons  were only 2, Rehoboam and Menelik I. . .the latter being an illegitimate one by the dark Queen of Sheba, Makeda, who may have been the same woman Abishag. . .often being renamed. (As likely of Abraham’s servant Hagar to Katurah as well historians believe.)

Menkelik I was the first emperor of Ethiopia, and to this day Ethiopia’s Bible and history traces back to a middle eastern origin, as does their white/middle eastern DNA on the male side trace to that time. Clearly they are a bastard line and not legitimate native kings or Israelites/Hebrews. Though they call themselves “black Hebrews” or “The nation of Israel’, being proud of their heritage, even though mixed.

11. Paul- was considered an Egyptian, but clarified he was a Hebrew. (Acts 21:38-39) Saul is a Hebrew name. Also says he was an Israelite from the (pure white) tribe of Benjamin. (Rom. 11:1)  Paul is the other form of his name, a Greek form the Gentiles would have been familiar with and called him. Paul was apparently an instigator to the  gentile “Christians” burning Rome. Him and his tiny tribe of Benjamin, being Roman citizens, backing the immigrant, gentile Christians (minorities) may have been persecuted by Nero  justly for the upheaval they caused or allowed into civilization, similar to how the elite democrats act today.

12. Jesus- the “lion of the tribe of Judah” (from Leah and Jacob) and from the line of David (“white and ruddy”). Though no doubt many stories about him were evolved, extra-biblical tales confirm what his bloodline says he would have had to look like. “I found Joseph and Mary in the land of Mecca. . .Jesus…He is the picture of his mother, only he has not her smooth, round face. His hair is a little more golden than hers. . . He is tall…His visage is thin and of a swarthy complexion, though this is from exposure. His eyes are large and soft blue…” “I was told it was Jesus”…”His golden colored hair and beard…”(The Archaeological Writings of the Sanheidrim & Talmuds).

Also from a letter written to the monarch of Rome by Publius Lentrelus, a resident of Judea in the days of Tiberius Caesar. “He (Jesus) is a tall man, well-shaped, and of an amiable and reverend aspect; his hair of a color that can barely be matched, falling into graceful curls, waving about and very agreeable…His forehead high, large and imposing; his cheeks without spot or wrinkle, beautiful with a lovely red; his nose and mouth formed with exquisite symmetry; his beard and of a color suitable to his hair…his eyes bright and blue, clear and serene”

Mary and Joseph went to Egypt to hide from a wicked King who wanted to kill all the baby boys who might end up challenging his throne. If the Egypt of that time was all black, they would have stood out like a sore thumb. (Mat. 2:13)

13. The leaders of the later capital, Jerusalem, known as princes  and from the Southern  (pure) Kingdom, the tribe of Judah, were described as  having skin- “Purer than snow and whiter than milk” (Lamentations 4:7 Contemporary English version).

14. The Israelites were blonde-haired, blue-eyed people who averaged 6 feet in height according to “The Essene” and other literature found in the catacombs. Some pictures are below.

Israelites captured as slaves, about 1100 BC, seen in the Temple of Rameses III.. . a black usurping pharaoh who married into the kingly line, took credit for other white pharaoh’s accomplishments and was killed by his own son Pentawer in the late 20th Dynasty.  (From The Origin of Race and Civilization, by Weisman.)

An Israelite from an Egyptian monument around the same time of Nubian rule-1150 BC. From Races of the Old Testemant, by Sayce.


Ramases II’s son Mernepath in 1213 BC had dealing with the Libyans, Sea people and Hitites who were all making treaties with him.  He wrote “Israel is desolated and has no seed. “(Heirs) This was the first mention of Israel and it has been presumed that they must have left Egypt at this time, as the leadership changed hands to foreigners of the Ramaside line starting with the 20th Dynasty’s  first pharaoh Setnakhte, who’s DNA we have and is an Ethiopian, haplogroup E1B1A/E-M2.

The rule of Egypt was  regained by the Israelite, Hebrew, Jewish/kingly and legitimate line of the Theban rulers by the 22nd Dynasty, and lost by the next one. It was regained again one more time,  with the help of the previous treaties with the white nations mentioned above who gentrified Egypt one last time in the 25th Dynasty. Then the leadership and industry left and dispersed to other white lands like Assyria, Persia, Rome Greece, Spain, Iberia, Germany, Ireland, Scotland, etc.

Clues from linguistics tell us where these people went:

  • The original name of Ireland and Spain as well.. was “Land of Hebrews”.
  • “Iberia” is Hebrew; it means, “Land of Hebrews”. Spain is called the Iberian Peninsula.
  • The root word for Iberian is Eber, a great grandson of Shem (meaning Semite), son of Noah. Eber is the origin of the word Hebrew.
  • Saxons. Sacs-Sons.. Isaacs Sons
  • The original Shemite tribes of East Africa and Arabia were white. A “Shemite” just means a “white man”.
  • WELSH still speak Hebrew. WELSH is Hebrew. And Hebrew is Sumerian, without the vowels, that were later added to the Hebrew.
  • The Scottish declaration clearly illustrates the Scots as Israelites.
  • The German language is 80 percent Hebrew.
  • English (or Anglish rather) has the exact same syntax as Hebrew. . . one only needs to translate the words.
  • The ‘Greek’ alphabet is almost identical to Hebrew, and Hebrew is shorthand of Sumerian.
  • Depending on the Indian tribe, there are substantial similarities to Greek, Latin, Berber, Phoenician, or Celtic vocabulary.
  • Thomas Jefferson’s interest in languages led him to notice the similarities between the ancient North African tongues  (from the mixed Ethiopians) and the North American Indians, both tying into Hebrew.
  • The SWISS retain the same biblical name they always have had; today called the “Confederation of the Helvetti” (“He-lveti” is merely the Hellenized form of the Hebrew name LEVITE)

The Levites, from the pure tribe of Levi (from Leah and Jacob) were the priests, at least from the time of Aaron, but likely Sumer started the priesthood.  In the Bible it was claimed that “God” gave the priesthood to Aaron’s descendants in an eternal priesthood(get this)  because his grandson Phinehas publicaly killed a mixed race couple, to stop a plague. (Numbers 25:6-13).  A Midianite was from Midian, Abraham’s  illegitimate child, brother to Ishmael (the father of the Arabs), from a mother who had her name changed from Hagar to Katurah when she returned to Abraham after Sarah’s death.

“The name Cohanim, which means priest, in all it’s forms (like: Kahn, Conn, Kain, Kahen, etc.) is tied to the Levites. To this day they are some of the most religious and spiritual leaders! Almost all Cohan’s share a genetic marker they can trace back to Abraham’s children! (None of which are pure blacks.) Source

Being a child of Abraham apparently was not enough though . . according to John the Baptist, (Matt. 3:9) and even Jesus said it meant nothing. . .(Luke 3:8) If you will take note, the God of the old testament told the Jews to displace and kill all the gentile dark nations (Deut. 20:16-17).  This is one reason many moral people choose not to follow the Bible anymore, as we are too mixed up. You could say they were very “racist” and xenophobic in those days! Do you still think the Bible is a good, moral book to follow Christians?

Paul basically threw out most of the Bible to start  and inclusive Christianity, but right on the heels of Jesus’s teachings, who also didn’t have any intentions of integrating the gentiles! The history of both Egypt and Rome should clarify how poorly multiculturalism works, but I see no need to kill a bunch of people like the Bible demands, just because they are different. . .unless they become unruly, entitled and hurt our people and civilization as terrorists. Racial mixing is the thing which seems to bring on the issues and cause confusion. I will talk about that next.


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